STUDENT SUCCESS LEARNING TO 18
                              2010 SUMMER PROGRAM Teacher Modules

     The purpose of the teacher modules is to provide a common introduction for the ministry-funded Student
     Success/Learning to 18 Differentiated Instruction 2010 Summer Programs across the province. There are
     two teacher modules for which a Power Point and handouts are provided:

     Module 1 Ministry Overview and Introduction to Differentiated Instruction (3 hours)
      presents an overview of the Differentiated Instruction Professional Learning Strategy
      provides an interactive session for introducing the basics of differentiated instruction.

     Module 2 Subject-specific Applications - Teaching/Learning Examples (1 hour)
      introduces the Teaching/ Learning Examples and sets the stage for further applications
      allows for other subject-specific connections the DVD segments and project school products

     Facilitators will select and modify activities from the modules according to the needs of their group rather
     than complete all of the activities as outlined. Facilitators may choose to work through a module before
     beginning the board-specific application activities or intersperse sections of the modules throughout the
     board-specific portions of the agenda.

     NOTE: Modules have also been provided for DI Administrator summer sessions and DI Knowledgeable
     Facilitator summer sessions.

                                         OVERVIEW OF MODULE 1
                       Ministry Overview and Introduction to Differentiated Instruction

 Please refer to the slide notes on the Power Point for specifics.

 Tables may be set up randomly, by subject, grade family of schools etc. Participants will have multiple
 opportunities to work in flexible groupings throughout Modules 1 and 2

 Agenda Item                                 Details                              Slide/Handout       Approximate
                                                                                  Numbers and         time required
                                                     MINDS ON
Anchor Activity    As participants arrive they may complete the Anchor
                   Activity using a DI brochure. Slide 6 provides an             Slide 2 and 6       5 -10 minutes
                   opportunity to debrief.
                   .                                                             Handout SPM-1
                                                                                 Anchor Activity


Agenda and         The agenda, constructed using the format of a three part
Learning Goals     lesson, outlines the key activities for the module.           Slide 3-8           5 minutes
                   That Was Then - This is Now
                   An optional activity is suggested in the slide notes to       Handout SPM-2
                   reinforce reflection around the essential questions.          Making
                                                                                 Organizer (2
                                                                                 sided on ledger
                                                                                 or 81/2x14”)
Profiles           Each table group:
                    - completes a table profile                                   Slides 10-12    5 minutes
                    - reads about class and student profiles (pairs)
                   - discusses the use of profiles                                Handout SPM-3
                                                                                  Table Group

Introduction/      OPTIONAL - Corners –DI by learner preference
Inclusion          Corners are set up by learning style. Participants get         Slide 13        5 -10 minutes
Activity           acquainted and get their “minds on” DI.

Assessment for     I wonder. . .
Learning           This activity can be completed in the same groupings as        Slide 14        5 minutes
                   the Corners or at a table group.

Personal           Participants use the continuum in the Grades 7-12
Learning Goal      brochure to do a brief reflection and set a personal goal to   Slide 15        5 -10 minutes
                   achieve before the December break.

Student            This section outlines the Ministry’s Differentiated
Success DI         Instruction Professional Learning Strategy from the                            5-10 minutes
Professional       beginning, highlighting that the summer programs are one       Slides 16-32
Learning           piece of a comprehensive, ongoing continuum of support.
Clarifying DI      Concept Attainment
                   This activity helps the group build a common                   Slides 34-39
                   understanding of what DI is.                                                   20-25 minutes
                   Allow plenty of time for discussion and consolidation and      Handout SPM-4
                   post the group’s consensus on the definition.                  Clarifying DI
                   Note: An optional activity is provided for participants who    (2 sided)
                   have completed the concept attainment at another
                   session.                                                       Option B
                                                                                  handout also
Take 5             Participants take a few moments to read the Intro to DI
                   section of the Educator’s Guide, make connections and          Slides 42-43    5 minutes
                   consolidate their knowledge.
                   Slides 42-43 bridge to the next activity.                      Educator’s

Underlying         Concept Formation / Closed Sort
Principles of DI         The participants list and then classify the              Slides 44-47    15 -20 minutes
                         strategies they use.
                                                                                  Option B
                   Note: An optional activity is provided for participants who    requires a
                   have completed the closed sort at another session.             handout
Knowing the        Participants read one of 3 sections in Knowing the
Learner           Learner in the Educator’s Guide and share.                     Slide 48          5 minutes


Exploring the     Participants take a few moments to note the page
Educator’s        numbers that correspond to the various aspects of the DI       Slide 49
Guide             Instructional Framework
Key Features of   This section uses a video to deepen understanding of the
a DI Classroom    key features of a differentiated classroom. Facilitators are   Slides 50 - 53    30 minutes
                  encouraged to use video segments throughout the two
                  days to highlight various aspects of DI and subject-           Handout SPM-5
                  specific applications.                                         Looking for DI
                  Sources for Video Segments                                     Option B
                            - 2007 Educator’s Package - Grades 7-8 DVD (A        handout also
                           short description of each chapter is posted at        provided
                           www.edugains.ca)                                      DVD Segment
                            - 2010 Secondary DVD
                  If internet is available show how the available secondary      Guide
                  products from the project schools are linked to the DVD
                  segments.                                                      Key Features
                                                                                 Reference Card

                                                                                 available at

DI Structures     Learning Centres- DI by readiness
                  This section uses grouping by interest to explain six          Slides 54 -55
                  structures:                                                                      30 minutes
                  - Choice boards                                                Handout SPM-6
                  - Tiering                                                      DI Structures
                  - RAFT assignments                                             (ledger size
                  - Cubing                                                       paper)
                  - Learning Centres/Stations
                  - Learning contracts                                           2010 Educator’s
                  NOTE: Facilitators may want to postpone this section until
                  later if they plan to spend more time (with application) on    Scrapbook
                  specific DI structures.

Summarizing DI    Choice Board – DI by learner preference
                  Participants prepare to demonstrate their understanding        Slides 56- 62     30 minutes with
                  of DI by choosing an option from the Choice Board.                               presentation
                  OR                                                                               time as required
                  Option B is provided for groups with more DI knowledge
                                   STUDENT SUCCESS LEARNING TO 18
                                          2010 SUMMER PROGRAM
                                          OVERVIEW OF MODULE 2
                       Subject-specific Applications - The Teaching Learning Examples

  Please refer to the slide notes on the Power Point for specific details.

 Agenda Item                                  Details                               Slide/Handout    Approximate
                                                                                       Numbers       time required
                                                      MINDS ON
Agenda and          The agenda, constructed using the format of a three part
Learning Goals      lesson, outlines the key activities for the module.            Slides 2-3        3 minutes

Inclusion           Think Pair Share
Activity            Participants find a partner and share ideas about which        Slide 4           10 minutes
                    concept(s) in a subject area they might like to address
                    through differentiation in order to increase student

Lists of TLXs       These two slides were used in the Professional Learning
                    Strategy overview in Module 1.                                 Slides 5-6        3 minutes

Overview of TLX     Matching Activity
Format              Participants match the visuals of the various sections of      Slides 7-9
                    the Teaching Learning Examples with the function of the                          10 minutes
                    section.                                                       Handout
                                                                                   (print on
                                                                                   81/2”x14” legal
                                                                                   size paper)
Looking at          Looking for DI – DI by interest
Specific TLXs       In pairs, participants look for the underlying principles      Slides 11-13
                    and the key features in a Teaching/Learning Example of                           15 minutes
                    their choice.                                                  Handout
                                                                                   Looking for DI

Looking at          DI Bingo – DI by interest
Specific TLXs       Each participant at the table looks at a different             Slide 14
                    Teaching/Learning Example/ subject-specific DVD                                  15 minutes
                    segment in order to locate various aspects of DI .             Handout
                                                                                   DI Bingo

                                                                                   DVD segments
                                                                                   as appropriate

Development of      Participants work together in subject/grade groups to
a DI TLX            develop a Teaching/Learning Example for a concept in a         Slide 16          Varies by
                    subject of choice or revise a recently used lesson in a                          target group
                    subject of choice to incorporate differentiated instruction.   Handout           readiness,
                                                                                   SPMod2-04         interests and
                    Facilitators may provide the blank teaching/learning           (Blank TLX        learner
                    templates for use. Other templates may be provided             Templates)        preferences
                    based on the needs of the participants in the group.
             Facilitators build in opportunities to share within subject
             teams at various points in development.                        Educator’s Guide

Extensions   Facilitators develop tailored application activities for the
             Teaching/Learning Examples in order to meet the needs
             of the specific group.

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