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					                          MATERIAL TRANSFER AGREEMENT

The present Material Transfer Agreement is between: the Provider, Smithsonian Institute of
Research Tropical-STRI, paragraph 0843-03092, Balboa, Ancon, Panama, Republic of Panama,
and the Recipient, (name, institution and mailing address), was developed specifically to
transfer samples of (description of samples), herein referred to as the Samples.

The Samples will be delivered by (the provider) to (the recipient) under the following

1. The samples will be used by the recipient exclusively for research purposes, for the project
   (Project Title) with (name of principal investigator) as the Principal Investigator (PI).

2. The Samples may not be transferred wholly or partially by the receiving party to third parties,
   without previous written authorization provider, prior authorization from Panama’s National
   Authority for the Environment (ANAM). By default, all queries regarding the samples should
   be addressed to the provider. The receiving party will guarantee at all times the use of the
   samples under the conditions of the present agreement.

3. The recipient may not claim the ownership of the samples nor request the Intellectual
   Property Rights (IPR) of the samples; its parts or genetic components; in the form it was
   In addition, the recipient may not ask for IPR in any related information received.

4. The samples may not be used for commercial purposes or exploitation without previous
   written consent from the provider.

5. The recipient will keep the provider informed of any results obtained in the use of the
   samples, provide the provider with all publications of the sample research prior its
   publication, and will welcome its contribution in the published work.

6. Each party agrees to not provide scientific information to third parties under any
   circumstances. The scientific information related to the results/product of the research
   developed under this agreement such as data, applications, reports and results will remain
   confidential until the information is formally made public.

7. Point 6 does not apply to data that was already in the possession of the recipient prior this
   agreement, and were not subject to confidentiality agreements that were under the public
   domain previous to the disclosure of this agreement or are made known publicly without any
   fault of the recipient, after subscribing to the present Agreement; or that was received from a
   third party not related to the Parties, provided that the Parties have no reason to question the
   right of the third party to perform such disclosures.

8. Once the purpose of this agreement is completed, the remaining samples should be returned
   to the provider or otherwise destroyed. The provider should be notified in writing.
9. The results of the assays and any information generated during this Agreement is intellectual
   property of the Parties, the same as individually and with knowledge of one another, will
   determine the form, method and opportunity in which it will be used in accordance with the
   existing legal regulations on the subject. Furthermore, Panama should be cited as the country
   of origin of the samples.

10. If this agreement results in a commercially exploitable discovery regardless of who is the
    owner of the patent or intellectual property; the parties in good faith should negotiate a deal
    of commercialization which should state the distribution of benefits, including the benefits
    that correspond to the Government of Panama.

11. The present Material Transfer Agreement does not constitute a license, nor does it grant any
    right to the samples that is delivered to the receiving party.

12. The expiration or termination of this agreement, shall not affect the obligations of disclosure
    and confidentiality contained in this agreement.

13. On behalf of STRI, ________________________ and (institution and name of the person
    responsible of samples) will be the persons designated by both parties for the execution of
    this agreement, as is for communication and notification.

This Material Transfer Agreement will be effective for a period not exceeding two (2) years to
from the date of signature.

On behalf of STRI:                                   On behalf (Institution):

Firma: _______________________                       Firma: _______________________
Name: _______________________                        Name: _______________________
Position: _____________________                      Position: _____________________
Date: _______________________                        Date: ________________________

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