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                                                          KATZNER AND UNIVERSITY BOOKSTORE FUNDS FOR
                                                               GRADUATE STUDENT RESEARCH AND
                                                               PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT FUND

                                                                              GRADUATE COLLEGE

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Name:                                                                                        BGSU ID:

Field of Study:                                                                                 Masters

E-Mail Address:                                                                                 Doctoral

Funds Requested for:            Dissertation/Thesis/Project Research        Professional Development/Travel

Dissertation/Thesis/Project Title:

*If human subjects are involved, please indicate approval ID: #:

*If vertebrate animals are involved, please indicate approval ID: #:

PROPOSAL: In the space below provide a clear statement (400 words or less) of your research project. You
should include a good description of the nature of the problem, the procedures and methods to be used, the results
you expect to obtain, and their significance. If applicable, explain the relationship of your work to other research
underway at Bowling Green. You should remember that the reviewers of your proposal will not be experts in
your field, so it is important to make a convincing case in language they can understand.

BUDGET: Attach to this application, a total budget for your funding needs for this project. Each budget item must be
specifically tied to the research project. Specifically, indicate which items are to be funded by the Katzner/Bookstore Award.
Also indicate which items will be paid from other sources such as your college, department or external funding agency. Do
NOT include tuition, living expenses or other items not directly tied to the research project.

BUDGET JUSTIFICATION: Provide a narrative that explains how each of the budget items is essential to the project.
The department/program endorses this request as our nomination for the (check one):

                       Fall             Spring                Summer

Provide a brief explanation why this project was selected by your program.

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