Parent/School Contract by 1M8a92Y0


									                                  Parent/School Contract
                                      Huntington Middle School
                            A Partnership Promoting Academic Excellence

Parent/Guardian Agreement:
I want my child to succeed in school. Therefore, I will:
    See that my child attends school regularly and on time.
    Know how my child is doing in school by communicating with teachers.
    Make every effort to attend parent-teacher conferences.
    Encourage my child to complete all assignments.
    Support the school in developing respect and good behavior.
    Discuss report cards and achievement with my child.

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Student Agreement:
I want to reach my full academic potential. Therefore I will:
    Attend school regularly and be on time to class.
    Come to school ready to do my best and to be the best.
    Complete my assignments in a timely manner.
    Respect myself, my peers and my teachers.
    Abide by the rules of student conduct.
    Take pride in my school and work cooperatively with others.

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Teacher Agreement:
It is important that students achieve. Therefore, I will:
      Have high expectations for student achievement.
      Show respect for every student.
      Provide a safe and orderly learning environment.
      Maintain open lines of communication with student and their families.
      Enforce school rules fairly and consistently.
      Help each child grow to his/her fullest potential.

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