Musical Contract by 1M8a92Y0


									A Classical Touch - Musical Contract

 This contract is for musical services for the event described
below, between the purchaser of musical services (client) and    Payment: No deposit is required. Total fee is due two weeks prior to the
                        Mary E. Navis.                           event. Please make all checks payable to: Mary Navis. There will
                                                                 be a $50 fee charged for all returned checks. If additional performance
                                                                 time exceeding 15 minutes is necessary on the day of the event, payment
                                                                 is due immediately in the amount of $80/hr.
Wedding Date: ___________ Ceremony Time: ________
Bride: ____________________________________                      Confirm: Sign the contract and return it. A signed copy will be mailed
                                                                 back to you for your records. The payment must be received by the due
Groom: ___________________________________                       date to guarantee services for your event.

                                                                 Cancellation: This contract cannot be cancelled or modified except in
                                                                 writing by the client or Mary Navis. If the client initiates cancellation
Client Name: ________________________________                    more than 30 days prior to the event, then the contract can be cancelled
                                                                 without penalty. If the client initiates cancellation less than 30 days prior
Address: ___________________________________                     to the event, then the client is responsible for the total fee.
City/State/Zip: _______________________________
                                                                 Provisions: 1) The client shall ensure that the location provides an
Home Phone: ___________ Alt. Phone: ____________                 adequate performance area. 2) For outdoor performances, shelter is
                                                                 provided to protect musical instrument from weather conditions and an
                                                                 alternate location is reserved as a backup due to inclement weather.
Location: ___________________________________
                                                                 PLEASE SIGN BELOW AND RETURN TO THE ADDRESS
Location Address: _____________________________                  BELOW. A COPY WILL BE MAILED BACK TO YOU.

Contact Person: ______________________________
                                                                 _________________________________ _____________
# Attendants: ________________________________                   Client Name                       Date
Other musicians? _____________________________
           *** DO NOT WRITE BELOW THIS LINE ***                  _________________________________ _____________
                                                                 Mary E. Navis                     Date
Directions Needed? Yes/No Mileage? Yes $_____ / No
  Start Time: _________ End Time: ____________
                                                                                    Please return the signed contract to:
Total Fee: $______ Due Date: _________                                  N1168 Palmer Rd, Cedar Grove, WI 53013

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