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									                                                 Keyword Strategies
                                                 For Blogging
                                                 In this blog I am going to demonstrate how
                                                 easy it is to get started blogging with a few
                                                 simple tips for keyword searches and some
simple SEO strategies.

Begin your keyword strategy with the Google Keyword Tool, its free and if you register you
can get some great added functionality. People usually type in more than one word when
doing a Google search, so look for two or three word phrases to become your main keyword

Target one main keyword per post; it is also a good idea to add in few variations of that
keyword throughout. When doing your keyword research, even though it may be tempting to
choose the phrase that gets 75,000 hits a month; those will have high competition and will be
harder to rank for.

Try to carve out short phrases that are searched less and have less competition. I like to stick
 with more than 2000 searches a month. You don’t want to go too low because then it may
                                    not be worth your time.

Simple Keyword Strategies
There are some simple keyword strategies that you can put in place in your blog posts that
will help you get more out of the search engines. First, you always want to make sure your
keyword is in your permalink, in other words you have your keywords in the URL you post
(look at the URL of this post).

If you have not already done so, make sure to change
your permalink structure to “custom structure” within
your WordPress settings. Have your permalinks show
your post name or category and then post name; for
example, /%post% or /%category%/%post%, is what you
want to type into the custom structure of your permalink.

When applying keyword strategies it is important to have
your main keyword in your title. If you can make your
main keyword the first part of your title, that’s even better. Try to also use your main
keyword in your first sentence, your last sentence and at least once in each paragraph. This
may not always be possible, but just keep it in mind and try to apply. You want your
keyword placement to seem natural.

Good KEYWORD STRATEGIES are different from spamming your keyword everywhere.
Spamming will definitely will get you penalized by the search engines; Google is way too
clever to mess with. Today it is Panda; tomorrow it may be ‘Killer Whale’ so you will be
found out eventually. You want your keyword density between 1 and 2.5%.

Keyword Density – where a phrase is used four times and there are four hundred words on
the page, the keyword phrase density is (4*3/400)*100 or 3 percent.

Another keyword strategy is to have your keyword in three header tags or H1, H2, H3
tags. You want to make at least three subheadings in your post. For each of your
subheadings, you want to use the h3, h2, and h1 tags. This is easily done in your WordPress
and can be found in the paragraph setting were you
will see a dropdown menu for the different headings.

Once you have implemented your keyword strategy
and you have your main keyword or keyword phrase
throughout your post, you should underline it once,
italicize it once, and bold it one time. Then add an
image or two and put your main keyword in the alt
tag. When adding your image in WordPress, make
sure and put your keyword for your alternative text in
the setting of the image. This will create the alt tag
for you.

Tools To Help With Your Keyword Strategies

I recommend that the minimum keyword strategy plugin that you must get, is the All In One
SEO Pack. This is a free WordPress plugin that will allow you to put a title, description, and
keywords into every post. Don’t forget to put your main keyword in the title and the

The second plugin that works very well for these KEYWORD STRATEGIES is the
SEOPressor plugin. It is a paid plugin, but it will take your blogging experience to the next
level. It basically checks everything in your post and gives you an SEO score.

I hope you found these keyword strategies helpful and can put them to use. You do not need
to be a brilliant writer to blog and if you follow these simple guidelines above in particular
the keyword strategies you will be amazed at the outcome.

If you have any questions regarding blogging please give me a shout.

Together we can achieve more,

Skype: workwithgordon

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                           Keyword Strategies For Blogging

                                   Gordon Robinson

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