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									                                                 RISING SCHOLARS APPLICATION

T       he Rising Scholars Program promotes success for UNH freshmen enrolled in four-year degree
        programs who are among the first in their families to graduate with a Bachelor’s degree, who will
benefit from academic support, and who have substantial financial need. This Program is sponsored
by the UNH Center for Academic Resources as part of our Student Support Service/TRiO grant from
the US Department of Education. Students in the program receive academic and social guidance, and
become eligible to receive a financial award of up to $1000 upon successful completion of the program.

    Financial requirements: To receive the financial award, Rising Scholars must
                                          (1) have a Pell Grant, and
                           (2) have unmet need or student-loan indebtedness of at least $1000.
                              While the typical award is $1,000, the total amount of your financial aid package,
                               including the Rising Scholars award, cannot exceed your cost of attendance at UNH. The
                               UNH Financial Aid Office makes the final determination of the amount you receive. The
                               award will be distributed Spring Semester 2013.
    Academic requirements: To receive the financial award, Rising Scholars must
                                          (1) earn a minimum 2.5 grade point average (GPA) in their fall semester,
                                          (2) successfully complete the Rising Scholars Program, which consists of group
                                               workshops, social events, and personal support through individual meetings
                                               with the Rising Scholars Coordinator, and
                                          (3) continue attendance at UNH through Spring 2013.
      While your commitment to the Rising Scholars Program is for fall 2012, you are invited to participate as a Rising Scholar
                                             through your graduation from UNH.

    If you have questions about this application or about the Rising Scholars Program, you are invited to contact Christine Zaimes,
                     Rising Scholars Coordinator, at or by phone at (603) 862-3689.

  Student Support Services grants are intended to assist first-generation students with high financial need from across the nation in attaining their Bachelor’s
degree. In 2012-13 the UNH Student Support Services grant is funded at $329,415. UNH contributes 20% of this amount ($84258) in matching funds.
To apply to become a Rising Scholar you must:

    1. Complete the application, including your typed responses to the short-answer questions (below).
    2. Sign and date the application (below).
    3. Submit the application form and your complete application in the enclosed envelope, postmarked by
        Wednesday, August 1, 2012, or email the application to Christine Zaimes at
        by August 5, 2012 at noon (an electronic copy of this application can be downloaded from Applicants will be notified of their status by email during the
        week of August 13, 2011.

Please type or print

Name: ________________________________________                 UNH Student ID#: ___________________

Home Address (if different, provide summer address)

Street: _____________________________________________________________________________

City: _____________________________________ State: _____________ Zip: _________________

Cell #: ___________________________________ Home Email address: _________________________

UNH College of:

    □ Liberal arts (COLA) □ Life Sciences and Agriculture (COLSA) □ Health and Human Services
□ Engineering and Physical Sciences (CEPS) □ Whittemore School of Business and Economics (WSBE)

Major (if known): _____________________________             UNH Email:


High School you graduated from: __________________________________________________________

SAT Scores: Reading ________ Writing _________ Math ______               High School GPA : _____________
B. Please answer the following four questions:

       1. Have you participated in any other TRiO Educational Opportunity program?
              □          Yes             □   No

                  If yes, please identify:
                                         □ Educational Talent Search (ETS) □ Upward Bound (UB)
                                         □ Student Support Services (SSS) □ Gear Up
                                         □ Other _______________________________________
       2. Do you intend to graduate from a four-year program at UNH?
              □    Yes                   □   No

       3. If selected, do you agree to participate in our RISING SCHOLARS PROGRAM (including workshops,
          social events, individual meetings with staff, and financial literacy education, for 15-20 hours total) in
          Fall 2012?
              □    Yes                   □   No

       3. Did any parent or guardian you live with graduate from a four-year college or university in the US?
              □    Yes                   □ No
              If yes, please identify:   □ Before you were age 13              □ After you were age 13

C. Which of the following topics are you interested in learning about as part of the Rising Scholars
   Program (please check any that applies):

  □ Time Management Strategies                                 □ Stress Management
  □ Study Skills                                               □ Financial Aid Information
  □ Test taking skills                                         □ Scholarship Resources
  □ How to communicate with Faculty                            □ Money management/ financial literacy
  □ How to get involved on campus                              □ Course specific support _______________
  □ Career/ major assistance                                   □ Other _____________________________
The mission of the Rising Scholars Program is to provide support for students who face challenges
that may interfere with achieving college success. Students who are among the first in their families to
go to college and who have a high financial need have often faced substantial hurdles to gain
acceptance to college, and to complete their degree. Students are accepted into the program in part
based on their academic needs, and need and desire for support in the transition to and through
college. Please help us understand your academic and personal background with your answers to the

D. If any of the following factors bring additional challenges to your college success, please indicate
    (You can use the space below or a separate sheet of paper to more fully discuss these challenges if you
   □Family not fully supportive of college goals                                   □ Health issues
   □ Family cannot provide financial support for college                           □ Disability
    □ Family lacks understanding of college            environment                □ Other
                                                                                       (explain below, attach additional pages if needed).

E. Please provide your reply to the short questions below. Please type and double space your answers.
There is no page limit, but a typical response will be about one page per essay.
1. Attach a copy of your favorite college admission essay that you submitted this year. If you no longer have
   access to your essay, then attach an essay that tells us more about you as a person and a student.
2. Why is it important to you to obtain a college education? What are your reasons for coming to college?
3. The Rising Scholars program provides support for students to make a successful transition from high school
   to college through presenting workshops on topics like study skills, time management, introducing students
   to campus resources, and awarding student success with a scholarship. It is a community of freshmen who
   support each other, led by older students and staff members. In what ways do you think that this program
   will be beneficial to you?

By signing below, I verify that all information on this application is true to the best of my knowledge, and that I
have read the materials provided in this application about the Rising Scholars Program (or on the Rising
Scholars website,

      Signature                                                                                             Date

      Name (please print)
  If you have questions about this application or about the Rising Scholars Program, you are invited to contact Christine Zaimes,
                   Rising Scholars Coordinator, at or by phone at (603) 862-3689.

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