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					Five Ways to Avoid Excessive Eat All Day

By Kerri-Ann Jenning | EatingWell Magazine | Healthy Living

If you often overeat throughout the day (for example, a second breakfast in the morning, excessive
snacking in the afternoon, most of the desserts in the evening) we have good news for you.
Recent research reveals tips and tricks that can help you avoid overeating throughout the day. Tori
Rodriguez reported on the issue of research EatingWell Magazine July / August.
8 am: Breakfast in fat
Study participants who ate breakfast with a fat content of about 61 percent will eat less at your next
meal sessions, rather than those who ate breakfast with the same number of calories (about 130
calories) but less fat content. Here's the results of a study by the "Appetite" in April 2011. Get lean
breakfast with avocado spread or peanut butter on your toast.
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1 pm: Focus on your food
Note the appearance, aroma and taste of your lunch. Women who do that eat less snacks in the
afternoon (about 130 calories) than those who ate lunch while reading the newspaper, and even
those who eat without other distractions, according to research in "Appetite" in August 2011.
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3 pm: Eat healthy snacks
If you feel hungry in between meals are too large, you may tend to eat high-calorie foods when
eating, according to the study "Journal of Clinical Investigation" in October 2011.
In a simple study, participants saw pictures of foods low in calories and high in calories (like an ice
cream sundae) between two to four hours before lunch and then scanned their brains. Researchers
found that participants were more attracted to images of high-calorie foods when their blood sugar
levels are lower.
So, satisfy your hunger in the afternoon - but avoid unhealthy snacks - with a plan what to eat.
Begin by keeping healthy snacks in your desk.
6 pm: Lunch entrees are tasty
When study participants eat something savory 30 minutes before eating, they are less likely to
consume high-fat savory foods, such as potato chips and ham sandwiches, at mealtime than when
consuming food / drink sweet or fresh appetizers. Similarly, according to the study "Journal of
Nutrition" in January 2012.
One of the authors of the study, Grahan Finlayson, Ph.D., said sweet foods will trigger your appetite
more, while salty foods can withstand hunger or make early satiety. Message for you: start a meal
with a drink or a savory soup.
10 pm: Get plenty of rest
You try to sleep seven to nine hours each night. Less than that, you will trigger overeating. This is
because lack of sleep can reduce levels of leptin (a hormone which reported satiety) and also
increases ghrelin, a hormone that signals the body to hunger. Accordingly, the "Proceedings of the
National Academy of Sciences" in 2011.
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