Diabetes Mellitus: Things You Should Be Familiar With

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					       Symptoms And
      Management Of
      Diabetes Mellitus

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Diabetes mellitus is a disorder that is due to the absence of insulin in the body or the decreased ability of
cells to utilize insulin. Both mechanisms result to a rise in blood glucose. There are two kinds of diabetes

mellitus, and these are, type 1 and type 2 diabetes mellitus. Type 1 diabetes is an autoimmune disease

where the pancreatic cells that are responsible for the production of insulin are attacked by the body's

immune system. Type 2 diabetes on the contrary is a lifestyle disorder, and the likelihood of one

developing the condition is greater among overweight people, and those with genetic history of the

condition. Early detection of diabetes will help prevent many of the complications connected with this

disorder. Left untreated, diabetes can lead to renal failure, heart problems, and nerve damage.

                                                         Symptoms of diabetes info

                                                          People with type 1 diabetes have symptoms that

                                                         occur very suddenly. Type 1 diabetes is

                                                         frequently recognized in childhood or early

                                                         adolescence, often after or during a disease.

                                                         Those who suffer from type 2 diabetes experience

                                                         subtle symptoms and they may have the disease

                                                         for several years without knowing it. There are

                                                         indicators that are found in both kinds of

                                                         diabetes. Easy fatigability is one of them and this

                                                         is caused by the failure of the cell to utilize

                                                         glucose for fuel. Those with diabetes may also

                                                         shed pounds even though they consume the

                                                         correct or even increased amount of food.

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Sufferers may also go through an abnormal frequency in urination as the body attempts to get rid of extra

glucose via urination. To know more about the symptoms of diabetes & its treatment please view website.

Infections are also common among diabetes sufferers, specifically urinary tract infections, because the

illness inhibits the immune system and the elevated glucose in the tissues becomes a locus for infections.

Some diabetes patients may also experience altered mental status, which range from agitation to

inattentiveness or confusion.

                                                               Like most of the symptoms listed here, blurry

                                                              eyesight is not unique for this condition, but is

                                                              often found when there is too much sugar in

                                                              the   system.   Even     though   there   is   no

                                                              medication or procedure available today that

                                                              can fully eliminate diabetes, it can be

                                                              managed. Treating of diabetes entails lifestyle

                                                              changes, use of medicines, daily monitoring of

                                                              blood glucose levels, as well as regular check

                                                              up with the doctor to screen for diabetes-

                                                              related complications.

Several laboratory tests are available to validate the diagnosis of diabetes, and these tests just need a little

amount of blood. As mentioned earlier, the earlier the disorder is discovered, the better. So if you are

experiencing any of these symptoms, go to your healthcare provider. Follow this link for more symptoms

of diabetes info.

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Description: Diabetes mellitus is a condition that results from deficiency of insulin in the body or the decreased ability of cells to utilize insulin. Both mechanisms cause an elevationin blood glucose.