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                         Name       Lackovic Ivan
                      Address       ZELENA 4, BAJŠA, SERBIA
                   Telephone        +381 64 211 29 93

                 Date of birth      25.04.1985 [DD.MM.YYYY]


                                    Employed at Chinavasion (
                                    Working as PHP programmer for Chinese company Chinavasion, employed full time.

                                    Institute for Education Quality and Evaluation
                                    Developing an additional module for moodle, implementation and testing

                                    Working on freelance php projects including:

                                         - (in progress)
                                         - (done all the programming for football site)
                                         - (working in a 4 man team)

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                [ Lackovic, Ivan]

                    • Dates (from – to)         [2003-2007]
                                                University Of Novi Sad, Faculty Of Mathematics and Natural Science

                                                University of Novi Sad, Master Studies of Software Engineering
    • Name and type of organisation             M.Sc. in Computer Science [GPA 9.25]
    providing education and training
                                                Related Course work:
                                                Managing Software Projects, Information Systems, Software Engineering, Artificial Intelligence I,
                                                Databases I & II, XML databases, Object Oriented Programming, Data Structures and
                                                Algorithms I & II, Operating Systems I, Computer Graphics and Geometry, Computer Networks,
                                                Combinatorics and Theory of Graphs, Digital Electronics, Web Programming
    • Principal subjects/occupational           Diploma Thessis:
                        skills covered          Developing a complete web page including CMS

                                                Master Thesis:
                                                JBoss Seam
      • Title of qualification awarded          High School “Dositej Obradovic”, Backa Topola

                 PERSONAL SKILLS              Good at communicating with people, developed this skill while managing a couple of
                AND COMPETENCES               outsourcing projects. While studying at the University, I was working with some of my
Acquired in the course of life and career     colleagues on a number of projects, where I have developed my teamwork. All of
  but not necessarily covered by formal       them were web development projects.
              certificates and diplomas.

                 OTHER LANGUAGES
                                                SERBIAN              HUNGARIAN           ENGLISH           SLOVAKIAN        GERMAN
                       • Reading skills         EXCELLENT            EXCELLENT          EXCELLENT           EXCELLENT       GOOD
                         • Writing skills       EXCELLENT            GOOD               VERY GOOD           GOOD            GOOD
                          • Verbal skills       EXCELLENT            EXCELLENT          VERY GOOD           VERY GOOD       GOOD

                      SOCIAL SKILLS             I have played as a basketball professional until the year 2011. I have played in Serbia and in
                                                Slovakia. Interested in playing all sports.
               AND COMPETENCES
Living and working with other people, in
 multicultural environments, in positions
 where communication is important and
 situations where teamwork is essential
   (for example culture and sports), etc.

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                          [ Lackovic, Ivan]
           TECHNICAL SKILLS             Programming Languages:
          AND COMPETENCES               - Java – many of my College projects where based on this language. It was very helpful in
                                        learning the concepts of Object Oriented Programming.
  With computers, specific kinds of
        equipment, machinery, etc.       - PHP – I worked in this environment both in private life. The practical part of my Diploma Thesis
                                        was programmed in this language. I have developed several freelance projects in PHP. I have
                                        created my own custom CMS, which has been used on most of my freelance projects. It is being
                                        developed and improved with every new project, and with time it has gained all the necessary
                                        attributes of a modern CMS: safe, fast and easy to use. The latest versions have been
                                        developed using qcubed ( framework.
                                        At my work at Chinavasion I was working on a project ( developed
                                        with QCubed development framework.
                                        - PHP Libraries used: QCodo(CQubed) development framework, Smarty
                                        - JAVASCRIPT and AJAX – Jquery, Lightbox, Lightwindow, JQuery Validate, JQuery Cluetip,
                                        Google Maps, Google Charts, Highcharts …
                                        - CSS and HTML – Used these mostly in private projects, and a little in College projects.
                                        - XML.

                                        Operating Systems:
                                        - Windows XP,7
                                        - Linux Ubuntu, Linux Gentoo (basic level)

Competences not mentioned above.

          DRIVING LICENCE(S)            B Category

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                    [ Lackovic, Ivan]

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