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                                   FEDERAL SUPPLY AND SERVICE

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                       Office Products/Supplies and Services and New Products Technology
                                                  FSC Group 75
                                                 FSC Class – 7510
                                       Contract Number – GS-02F-0207W
  For more information on ordering from Federal Supply Schedules click on the FSS Schedules button at fss.gsa.gov.
                                    Contract Period – 8/04/2010 thru 8/03/2015
                                          Contractor: Government Ink
                                       5355 Smooth Meadow Way Unit 6
                                              Columbia, MD 21044
                                   Telephone: 877-346-6774 Fax: 877-346-6773
                                        Minority Owned Small Business

                                  INFORMATION FOR ORDERING ACTIVITIES:

   1. Awarded Special Item Number: 75 200                             13. Ordering Address:
                                                                          Government Ink
   2. Maximum Order: $150,000 USD
                                                                          5355 Smooth Meadow Way Unit 6
   3. Minimum Order: $100.00 USD                                          Columbia, MD 21044
                                                                          TAX ID # 577-82-8131
   4. Geographic Coverage: Contractor will provide                        CAGE CODE: 52YE9
      domestic delivery only which includes 48
      Contiguous States, Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico,                 14. Payment Address:
      Washington, DC, and US Territories. Domestic                        Government Ink
      delivery also includes a port of consolidation point,               5355 Smooth Meadow Way Unit 6
      within the aforementioned areas, for orders received                Columbia, MD 21044
      from overseas activities                                        15. Warranty Provisions: OEM Supplies 30 days,
   5. Points of Production: U.S.A.                                        Remanufactured toner 6 months, call for detail
   6. Prices herein are net                                           16. Export Packaging: N/A
   7. Quantity Discounts: Call/Email for consideration                17. Terms and conditions of Gov’t Credit Cards:
                                                                          Accept any above micro-purchase threshold.
   8. Prompt Payment Terms:                                               And Net 30 Purchase orders
      1% - 10 days, net 30
                                                                      18. Empty toner core returns are not required:
   9. Government purchase cards are accepted below and                    However we will give you a credit of $1 for
      above the micro-purchase threshold.                                 each toner core you return to us.
   10. Foreign Item: N/A                                              19. Remanufactured cartridges and printer parts are
                                                                          less expensive and environmentally beneficial.
Delivery Time: Standard Delivery is 3 Days ARO.
                Expedited Delivery is 2 Days.                         20. DUNS #: 826056819
                FOB Destination
                                                                      21. Central Contractor Registration:
   12. FOB Points:                                                            CAGE/NCAGE Code: 52YE9
       The 48 Contiguous States & The District of
       Columbia are FOB Destination. FOB(AK) Pre-Pay
       Additional, FOB(HI) Pre-Pay Additional and FOB (PR)
       Pre-Pay Additional

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