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									The ABC’s Of Searching
         Lesson 2:
      Using The Right
       Search Engine
  You go onto the Internet in
  hopes of finding web sites that
  can help you. You know that
  search engines can help you,
  but which one should you use?

   There are quite a few out there,
   but some are easier and safer to
   use than others. Let’s find out
By the end of this lesson you will know:

    Three different types of search engines
    Pros and cons of each type of search engine
    Examples and web addresses (URLs) for
   each type of search engine

  Get comfortable at your computer.

  If you are watching this as a slide show on your
  computer sit back and watch the tutorial.

  If you are watching it as a class follow along with the
  screen shots. So, open up your Internet program
  (Explorer, Netscape,…) now.
We will be looking at 3 different kinds of search
engines for different types of searches.

            • Subject Directories

            • Whole Language search engines or
            Question-Answer search engines

            • Keyword search engines
The first type of search engine is a subject
This means that information is presented to you by
subject or themes. This is the quickest and easiest
type of search engine to use.

Two popular examples include:

Let’s see how a subject directory works.
You decide to use the KidsClick search engine. Imagine you need to
find information out on the solar system for science class.

  Notice that there are subject headings listed
  below by categories such as Health, Science,
  Arts.. and many others.
Since you want information on the planets you click
on the science category. You will see a screen similar
to the one pictured below.

                                         Notice that you
                                         need to choose
                                         again, from all
                                         the list of

 You will need to click on planets, as that is what
 you want to research.
                                         Wow, we are
                                         given a list of
                                         only 20 web
                                         sites that are
                                         all about
                                         planets in just
                                         a few easy

Notice that it gives you the title as a link (blue
and underlined) followed by a short description
of what the web site is all about.
All you have to do is visit a few of the web sites to
find out more about the planets.
                       Let’s review subject directories!
                          - Easy to use, just click and go
                          - “kid” friendly web pages (safe)
                          -Just a few web pages are given so
                          you don’t waste time
                          - You don’t have to type, just click
                          and go

                           - Doesn’t always have what you
                           want (limited information)
                           - Too simple, you might want
                           more details and explanations.
The second type of search engine is a
question-answer search engine or whole
language (regular language) search engine.
This means you type a question, and it searches
for web pages with possible answers to your
A popular example is:          Ask For Kids

This is how a question-answer search engine works.

 Just type in a question you have, just as you would ask a
 teacher or friend.
Notice that if it knows the answer it will list it here.
If not, it will suggest other questions for which it
does know the answers.
You can ask a different question or try rewording the
same question a little differently. You could also click
on one of the questions that it does know the answer
             - Easy to use, as it is the way we
             normally talk and write
             - “Kid” friendly safe information
             - Just a few web sites are returned as
             answers to your question. This is
             good because it is fast and easy.
                      - Doesn’t always have what you
                      want (limited answers)
                      - Can be difficult to find what
                      you want, easy to get off topic.
The third type of search engine is a
keyword search engine.
This where you type in a word or two that describe
what it is you want to know more about.

A popular example is:          Google

This is how a keyword search engine works.

This is where you need to type in a word or two
that describe what it is you want to know.
By searching for the word planets you would see
results like this.
                                              Notice also
                                              the large
                                              number of
                                              results for
                                              your search.
                                              The other
                                              lessons will
                                              show you
                                              how to
                                              narrow this
                                              # down.

Notice that it gives you the title as a link (blue
and underlined) followed by a short description
of what the web site is all about.
Let’s review keyword search engines
- Can be easy to use, just type and go
- Information from all around the
world on almost every topic
- Find pictures too, not just web pages.
- The most advanced type of search
engine, can use Boolean Logic.
 - Not always safe or true information
 -Too many results is frustrating and impossible to
 visit all the web sites.
 - You need to have strategies in order to use it
 properly These strategies will be explained in
 Lesson 3, 4, 5 and 6.
   Let’s review the three types of search engines.

           Subject                   Whole                  Keyword
           Directory                 Language               Search

address            OR
           Organized by topics       Ask a question just    Type in a word or two
How it     and themes, look          as you would a         about what you want
works      under headings for the
           topic you want by a
                                     teacher or friend.     information on. It
                                                            returns results
           click of the mouse.                              matching what you
                                                            asked for.
           An easy to read, fast     Quick, easy and safe   Huge amounts of
Benefits   and safe way to find      way to find fast       Information on all
           information specific to   answers to your        topics including
           your topic..              question.              pictures.
  • We covered three types of search engines each
  with their own pros and cons.
  • Using a combination of all of them will make sure
  you find helpful information.
  • With practice all of them will get easier to use
        You are now ready to
        try it for yourself.
        Complete the activity
        sheet for Lesson 2.

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