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            International Masters Bursary – 2012 entry
The International Masters Bursaries are provided by the generosity of donors to the University of Reading
Annual Fund. The Development and Alumni Relations Office created the Fund to support International
students entering postgraduate courses.

To apply for an International Masters Bursary you should complete this form and sent it to: Student Financial
Support, Carrington Building, University of Reading, Whiteknights, Reading, RG6 6UA.

Applications will be considered by a selection panel, and you will be advised about the outcome of your
application via email by mid-August 2012. It may be helpful for you to refer to the Frequently Asked Questions
(FAQs) document before submitting your application.

The deadline for applications is Monday 25th June 2012.

Part 1: Your personal details
1   University of Reading student number

2   Title                                               Mr        Mrs    Miss       Ms      Other

3   First names (in full)

4   Surname (in full)

5   Your gender                                            Male                   Female

6   Full correspondence address


7   Contact telephone number

8   Email address

Part 2: Current Funding Provision
Please provide details of any funding you have already secured to support you through your studies:

Part 3: Supporting Statement
Please provide details of any reasons why you should be selected to receive this award, you may attach
a separate sheet:
Part 4: Declaration
I understand that giving false information will automatically disqualify my application and may also lead to
disciplinary procedures resulting in possible expulsion from the University. I further undertake to repay any
bursary obtained by me as a result.

     Your name (CAPITALS)

     Your signature                                               Date

PLEASE NOTE: Any award made will not have to be repaid. If successful you will be required to
submit a report to the Development and Alumni Relations Office and your profile may be used for
marketing purposes.

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Eligible: Yes / No

Decision by selection panel:


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