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									     Tips In Keeping Pests Away From Your Home

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Pests can cause harm to a home’s occupants. They can be very harmful to the residents’ health

especially to children. Pests such as rats and cockroaches are carriers of microscopic parasites

that can make people seriously sick.

They could also cause harm to the property; decreasing its value if the property is assessed.

Regardless of where you are located in the world or if you are living in a rural or urban area,

pests will attack your home if you are not vigilant in keeping them away. To make sure that pests

can’t harm anyone or anything, read and abide to the following tips.

Be aware of the common pests found in your area

There are general pests that can be found almost anywhere like rats, and roaches. There are some

pests however that is specific to some places. Raccoons for example, can only be found in North

and South America. Sydney pest control for example is prepared for animals that are specific in

the region such as poisonous spiders and snakes. Knowing what special critters are present in

your area that can cause havoc in your home can help you prepare for times you meet them.

Keep your surroundings clean

                             Making sure that your surrounding is clean is one easiest pest

                             controllers. To prevent pests from being attracted to your living

                             space, keep these places free from exposed food and moisture. Seal

                             all food materials and store them properly. There are some foods that

repel insect pests such as mint, pepper, citrus fruits and the many more.

Natural Pest Control
In the kitchen and dining area where food are usually handled, make sure that everything is

wiped with soap and water when you clean up. Dishes must be washed as soon as possible. If

you it will take some time before you can take care of the dishes, soak them in soapy water. This

will soften tough food material and will deter insects and rats from nibbling on the left over


Prevent entry of pests

Another way to prevent pests from freeloading in your home is to identify the places where they

can enter and block these entrances off. Get cracks where insects can enter, sealed. One place to

pay attention to is the areas where there are foods present. The refrigerator, the cupboards, and

especially the trashcans must be sealed from the reach of both insect and animal pests.

In events where the infestation is too large, a professional may be called for proper pest control.

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