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Welcome letter from the Principal

Dear Applicant,

I am delighted that you are considering applying for a position at South Thames College.
The College is one of the largest in London and, following our OFSTED inspection in May
2012, we have also been formally confirmed as one of the best. Our two main campuses
are in Wandsworth and Merton and we also have a centre in Tooting. The College has an
annual turnover of nearly £50m and we have approximately 20,000 students who enrol
with us each year. Our curriculum offer is very broad with a wide range of provision from
pre-entry to degree level. Our students come from a variety of backgrounds and
experiences, with many of them from socially disadvantaged areas. Our commitment to
them is to provide them with high quality, innovative learning opportunities that enable
them to succeed and progress in their chosen career route. In order to do that we have
invested significantly in both our staff and our facilities and the impact of this investment
was confirmed by Ofsted when they commented that we had ‘created a good and
inclusive college with high expectations of our staff and our students.’

The staff at South Thames are very proud of the College we have created and we actively
seek feedback from learners and employers to help further develop the quality and
relevance of what we do.

Our vision and strategic direction are clear and widely communicated. We aim to become
an outstanding and inclusive College that serves the needs of our local communities and,
in partnership with our employers and other stakeholders, helps to build economic
prosperity in our region. We have made significant progress towards achieving this aim
and we are looking for people to join us who share our vision and have the energy and
commitment to help us achieve it. If you believe that this is you and you want to join us on
the next exciting phase of our journey to outstanding we would welcome receiving an
application from you.

Kind regards,

Sue Rimmer OBE
Principal & Chief Executive

About the College

Based in South London, South Thames College is one of London’s largest and most
successful Further Education Colleges, with regional, national and international impact.

Last year more than 22,000 students chose to study at the College on more than 1,000
different courses at our different Campuses. We have a range of provision encompassing
intermediate and advanced level vocational courses for young people and adults (we have
approx 4000 16 to 18 year old students – nearly 6 times the size of an average 6th form),
adult learning and leisure courses, Higher Education, A Levels, Foundation Studies,
employer responsive work including work based learning and apprenticeships, and a
strong International Business Studies portfolio.

The College has invested over £140 million in its campuses in the past 4 years and now
benefits from excellent facilities which are amongst the best available at a London

At the Wandsworth Campus, facilities include a Sports Hall, designed to Sport England
Club standards, a fully commercial, industry standard hair and beauty salon, and a
Performance Theatre for drama and dance as well as first class Learning Resource

At Merton, we have a self contained Sixth Form Centre within which our ‘A’ level provision
is delivered, and a technology building, including workshops for engineering, motorcycle
maintenance and musical instrument making, as well as electronics labs and CAD offices.
We have extended our investment at the Merton Campus to include a recently opened
commercial Hair Salon with further work being undertaken to develop a Hospitality Suite to
be opened in September 2013. In addition we have secured capital funding to develop
provision for a special needs centre at this Campus.

The College also has a Centre at Tooting.

Priorities and ambition

The College merged with Merton College in 2009, and has since made impressive
progress establishing itself as a new and dynamic organisation with a ‘one College’

We have invested further in our excellent facilities to ensure that our main centres in
Wandsworth, Tooting and Merton are amongst the best.

Going forward

South Thames College aims to be an outstanding and inclusive College. Our mission is to
deliver outstanding education and training that is innovative, enriches lives, builds
prosperity and leads to successful careers. We aim to make our services accessible to
young people and adults in Wandsworth, Merton and across the many nearby boroughs in

This means prioritising vocational courses that give young people and adults the skills
they need for sustainable employment and valuable careers, providing extraordinary
learning and development opportunities for individuals, employers and the local
community, ensuring we offer starting points at all levels and progression opportunities to
build on prior learning, and offering Higher Education programmes that are local and
affordable, with employer links and input throughout.

We want our reputation to precede us, becoming the first choice locally for courses that
we know will improve job prospects and lead individuals towards improved life

We are a college at the heart of our community and will continue to embrace all of our
communities in diverse and socially inclusive ways, using innovation, enterprise and
creativity to stretch boundaries, raise aspirations and improve success and opportunity for



Governance was judged ‘outstanding’ in our recent Ofsted inspection.

The College’s Governing Body comprises of 17 members reflecting the major interest
groups of the College and its Community. The Board is experienced and well established,
reflecting the variety of interest and skills necessary to steer the strategic direction of the
College and support the Principal and the Senior Leadership Team in the implementation
of the College’s Strategic Plan.

Governors support the operation of the College and monitor its performance through a
number of sub-committees which meet regularly.


The College’s curriculum is organised into the following schools: Health & Services
Industries; Engineering & Building Works; 6th Form; Foundation Studies; Business &
Computing; Human & Physical Sciences; Sports & Salon; International Business; and
Creative Studies.


The College was subject to an OFSTED Inspection in May 2012 and retained the grade of
GOOD (with outstanding for Safeguarding and Governance). This means Ofsted has once
again confirmed South Thames is a “GOOD” college making it one of the best colleges in
the London region.

Ofsted commends the quality of both teaching and learning, and leadership and
management at the college, and is complimentary about the good level of care, guidance
and support provided. Both arrangements for the safety of learners and governance are
judged as 'outstanding'.

The report recognises also the highly effective partnerships with employers and other
community organisations, and the College's responsiveness to local needs which is
reflected in the wide and expanding range of courses offered.

The College has an ongoing commitment to quality and high expectations of both its staff
and students and has made good progress with increasing success rates. The quality of
teaching shows a high proportion of teaching staff rated as outstanding.

We aim to provide a high level of support to all our students, with Personal Tutors,
Counsellors, Education and Career Advisors, Learner Support, Childcare Support,
disability support, a wide range of enrichment activities and an active student union.

College finance

The financial health of the College has been outstanding. Income diversity has been
achieved in new areas such as International fees and higher education.

The college has maintained a health financial position whilst continuing a significant
investment programme in both existing and new facilities. Turnover is approximately £50
million per annum making us one of the largest colleges in London.

College staff

The College employs over 1000 salaried staff, half of whom are lecturers and half
management, administrative and teaching support staff.

We recognise that our staff are one of the College’s most important assets and have
recently achieved the Investors in People Award.

The College also recognises and invests in an ongoing programme of Continuous
Professional Development for it’s staff.

Strategic Plan 2012 – 2015

To view the College’s Strategic Plan 2012 – 2015, please click here.

About the Centre for Employers and Enterprise
The Centre for Employers and Enterprise (CEE) is based at the Colleges Tooting Centre
and offers high quality training to employers, employed and unemployed learners. It
delivers apprenticeships, employability programmes and non-funded commercial training
as well as employer responsive and adult learner responsive funded courses.

In 2011 – 12 the CEE delivered training to nearly 4500 learners, representing 31% of the
all College learners (40% of adult College learners), and 12% of the College’s funded
provision. In addition it delivered an increasing number of non-funded commercial

The Centre works with about 500 employers in total, between 40 and 50 of which will be
active at any given point in time on employer responsive provision, and an additional 70
apprentice employers. These employers range from small local dentists, hairdressing
salons and care homes to large national and international companies such as ARUP,
Halcrow, WSP, Interserve, Vinci, Mouchel and NHS trusts such as Guys’ & St Thomas’
and St Georges’.

The CEE works in a demand led environment where the employee or employer specifies
the nature of the training required, contributes funding in fees and/or indirect support by
providing premises, equipment, employee release time.

Excellent relationships are in place with JCP offices in the West and South London District
Centres and a growing portfolio of employability and short introductory skills courses has
been introduced in direct response to locally identified need.

Success rates across the programmes offered by the CEE are high at 93% overall and
86% timely and the Centre holds a number of awards including the TQS Award for
services to employers and the Matrix Award for provision of advice and guidance to

In addition it has recently achieved ‘Recognised Provider Status’ with the National Skills
Academy for Social Work, a prize for the ‘Most Successful Training Provider’ in Cleaning
and Environmental Services in the UK from the Worshipful Company of Environmental
Cleaners and the ‘Shalom Gordon prize’ (the highest accolade given by the facilities and
cleaning industry for services to the industry).

South Thames College is the leading provider for Civil Engineering Technician
Apprenticeships in London.

                                    Job Description
Post Title:             Head of Business Development

Salary Scale:           £48,786 to £53,043

Post Ref:

Responsible to:         Vice Principal Marketing, Employers and Enterprise

Department/Faculty      Marketing and Business Development

Job Purpose

To lead and manage the Centre for Employers and Enterprise which has strategic
responsibility for developing opportunities in partnership with employers and other external
organisations in order to meet its income targets. The Centre is responsible for the
development and co-ordination of a wide range of activities including apprenticeships,
workplace learning, relevant learner responsive programmes, appropriate bids and sub-
contracting arrangements, non-funded commercial training and training for the unemployed.
In addition, the Colleges Trade Union Studies department reports into this role.

Post Key Duties
   1. Responsible for driving the development of the different income streams in this area,
      ensuring targets are met and appropriate cross college systems and processes are
      developed and maintained.

   2. Initiates, develops and manages the implementation of annual business plans, Self
      Assessment Reports, Quality Improvement Plans, and budgets to ensure consistency
      with college income generation, learner number and contribution targets.

   3. Responsible for managing the development and expansion of the College’s employer
      responsive programmes including apprenticeships and workplace learning, including
      securing business development opportunities in order to bring in new business.

   4. Responsible for managing the growth, development and expansion of training
      programmes for the unemployed in line with the needs of employers, JCP, Prime
      Contractors including candidate preparation and job outcomes.

   5. Responsible for managing the growth, development and implementation of learner
      responsive programmes that meet the needs of employers and those employed

       within them.

   6. Responsible for managing the growth, development and implementation of
      commercial non-funded income which meets the needs of employers and those
      employed within them.

   7. Responsible for managing central co-ordination of contract driven activity, from initial
      identification through to tender process and delivery for activities within the remit of
      the CEE. The college has a limited number of subcontractor arrangements and
      delivery partners in this area and the CEE has responsibility for contracting with and
      managing these contracts.

   8. Manages and monitors programmes, projects and contracts and liaises with the
      academic areas as appropriate to ensure service delivery is on target, contract
      compliant, quality assured, on time and within budget.

   9. Achieves, maintains and improves internal systems and procedures to ensure that
      the requirements for achieving and sustaining quality and audit compliance are

   10. Responsible for developing a network of stakeholders, including employers to ensure
       the College is in a position to enter into joint partnerships, respond to employer needs
       and work with third parties. This to include representing the College at appropriate
       forums, meetings and events.

   11. Maintains an overall awareness on behalf of the College, and reports through to SLT,
       on changing SFA/NAS/Government priorities and funding arrangements, market
       intelligence and feedback from employers and other stakeholders such as JCP, that
       have an impact on the areas the Centre is responsible for.

   12. Recruits, manages and motivates staff within the CEE, and the TUC, providing
       effective line management, objectives, CPD, appraisals in line with College staffing

   13. Plays an active role as part of the College Management Team, building good
       collegiate relationships and supporting internal communication.

   14. To manage the Tooting Centre on a day to day basis, ensuring compliance with
       College systems and procedures, including an overview of rooming and timetabling,
       Centre Team meetings, responding to the needs of learners, attending Learner
       Forum and co-ordinating enrolment to ensure it is efficiently undertaken.

   15. Ensure direct reports receive appropriate training in order to fulfil their health and
       safety responsibilities and that the area is managed with due regard for the College
       commitment to safeguarding.

The job description outlines the main purposes in general terms only and is not intended to
be prescriptive.

Generic College Responsibilities

Employees will commit themselves to personal development through the College
Performance Management Development Framework. Managers will commit themselves to
operating objective and constructive assessments of performance and will be responsible
with their work colleagues for agreeing performance targets to improve and maintain College
services supported by individual development plans and development processes.

You will be required to carry out other duties as maybe commensurate with the post which
do not change the character or purpose of the post and are necessary to maintain the high
standards of business practice. The post holder will also participate in the promotion of
Quality Standards and Assurance.

As an employee of the College Team, the post holder will be expected to participate in the
formulation and implementation of College strategy and operational activity within the scope
of the post.
Actions of the post holder will have significant impact on the future direction of the College.

The post-holder is required to respect the confidentiality of matters relating to students and
other members of staff. The post holder must be aware of and comply with the requirements
of the Data Protection Act (DPA)

Under the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 all staff have a duty to assure reasonable
care for the Health and Safety of themselves and others affected by their acts or omissions
at work and co-operate in meeting the requirements of the law.

The College is bound by the regulations concerning protection of young students and
vulnerable adults. All employees have a duty to report any suspicious activity or behaviour
that may be in breach of these regulations.

South Thames College is committed to ensuring equal rights and opportunities for all.
Recruitment for positions in the College will be carried out in a manner which accords with
best equal opportunities practice. The selection of candidates for interview will be based on
the personal specification and applicants should bear this in mind when preparing their
applications and completing the application form.

This job description, through Business reasons, may be altered from time to time to meet the
changing needs of the College.

Person Specification


                                                                                                     Method of
Personal Skills Characteristics

1.     Experience
 An overall understanding of the work of this area including enterprise                              I/A
   and Government funded activities.
 A successful track record of implementing quality improvement                                       I/A
 Proven experience of successful curriculum planning, development                                    I/A
   and achievement of agreed targets.
 Successful experience of effective management of teams and                                          I/A
   individual staff. .

2.    Qualifications
 A higher education qualification or relevant industrial experience.                                 I/A

3.    Practical and Intellectual Skills
 Proven experience of effective budget management.                                                   I/A
 High level of computer literacy.                                                                    I/A
 Able to work efficiently under pressure and to adhere to strict                                     I/A
 Able to use initiative, organise and prioritise.                                                    I/A
 Able to identify and implement improvements in existing systems.                                    I/A

    Able to communicate effectively at all levels.                                                   I/A

    Knowledge of contract and partnership funding and bids.                                          I/A

    Able to produce and present reports to a variety of audiences .                                  I/A

4.     Values and Personal Qualities
 Commitment to establishing and maintaining good working relations        
   with colleagues and students.
 Commitment to the provision of a quality service and the                 
   implementation of quality improvements.
    Commitment to valuing diversity.                                                              I/R

5.    Circumstances
 Able to work flexibly throughout the week/over the year by prior         
   agreement with the line manager.

    A - Application Form        I - Interview/Selection Tool       R - Reference

Terms and Conditions of Appointment

This role attracts a salary of £48,786 to £53,043.

Time commitment
This is a full-time role.

Length of contract
This role is offered on a permanent contract.

This role is based at the Tooting Centre.

Annual leave
37 days

Local Government pension scheme (a final salary pension scheme).

Other Benefits
In addition to the final salary pension scheme the benefit package includes generous
annual leave, subsidized sports facilities and professional development and training.

Time table and how to apply

Closing date for applications: 12:00 noon Friday, 26th October 2012

Preliminary Interviews:           week commencing 5th November 2012

Assessment Centre:                week commencing 19th November 2012

Final panel interview:            week commencing 26th November 2012

To apply for this role, please download and complete the application form. The supporting
statement should explain how you believe your skills and experience match the
requirements of the post as outlined in the person specification. Please read the guidance
notes for completing the application form.

Please email your application to:

The closing date for this role is 12:00 midday on Friday, 26th October 2012.

Longlisted candidates will be invited to a preliminary interview in the week commencing 5th
November 2012. Shortlisted candidates will be invited to an assessment centre in the
week commencing 19th November and final panel interview in the week commencing 26th
November 2012.

For a confidential discussion about the role please call Shahidul Miah on
07581 230 171. Bloomsbury Resourcing will, of course, respect the privacy of
any conversations regarding the post.


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