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									Positive PerksCard
  Reviews Have
 Contributed to a
Growing Discount
We are pleased to announce that we have
acquired over 450 new local merchants offering
discounts to our PerksCard members.
Merchants using PerksCard are excited to talk
about PerksCard and share it with their network.
The newly added local retailers will offer
discounts, meaningful savings and beneficial
deals to PerksCard members across the
PerksCard reviews tell an exciting and positive
story about the benefits of being a member and
many business owners regard it as a great
opportunity to increase and expand their
customer base. Other reviews from business
owners have also expressed their satisfaction,
like this one from a Health and Fitness Center,
“…we are very pleased with the new client base
that we have gotten and we are renewing the
program for an additional two years.” PerksCard
provides premium services to its members and it
continues to enroll new merchants on everyday
PerksCard is very excited to expand our network
of businesses at such a rapid rate. We have
created a great solution for clients, members and
other local businesses that allows them to save
money on daily and weekly shopping. We provide
valuable savings on a myriad of products from
which many organizations and members have
The merchants also take advantage of our
PerksCard Savings Program that helps them to
increase their sales, traffic, marketing capabilities
and more. PerksCard Network was founded in
1988 and since inception it has received positive
and encouraging reviews. We offer an award
winning employee savings program which is
utilized   by    human         resources,   benefits
departments,       associations        and    other
organizations for their employees.
We provide a one-stop shopping experience
which allows the cardholders to view and shop
for numerous products and services from their
favorite and most popular national brands. In
addition to this, we have included special
promotions through our featured partners. includes an online shopping mall
which provides a number of businesses and
categories for members and employees of its
clients to browse and shop. We provide a full
menu of voluntary benefits, rewards and various
other lifestyle discounts.
We offer a platform for saving money on items
such as movie tickets, gym memberships, dining
services, holiday packages and more. PerksCard
is easy to carry and is distributed through
organizations having 500 to 500,000 employees.
We provide users with a toll-free call center to
handle all of your inquiries.
We will continue to add new merchants to our
profile on a regular basis. For more information
about       PerksCard         Network,      visit

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