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 About Austria                                                       Few facts of Austria
 Austria covers an area of 83,878 square kilometres with a           ~   In labour market policy - in addition to specific measures to

 population of 8,375,290 residents (as of 1 January 2010),               support women - the equality of women and men is taken

 including 895,144 foreign citizens (11 % of total population). In       into consideration as an across-the-board objective in all

 2010, an average of 1,543 million people with migration back-           areas of politics and in all activities via the strategy of

 ground lived in Austria i.e 18, 6% of the entire population .           Gender Mainstreaming.

 Vienna is Austria's most densely populated province with            ~   Safety at work and health protection-Targeted health and

 4,097 residents per square kilometre.The Tyrol is the least             safety measures aim to avoid the danger of accidents,

 densely populated province with 56 inhabitants per square               occupational diseases, work-related illness and permanent

 kilometre. In 2009, the average life expectancy was 80 years.           damage to health.

 Austria is bordered by Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Germany,         ~   Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), the observance of

 the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Slovenia and Italy.              human rights within the entire value-added chain .
                                                                     0' More funding for long-term care
 Government            : Federal Republic
                                                                     ~   The insured and his/her dependants are entitled to receive
 Language              : German
                                                                         medical care from a general practitioner, specialist or dentist
 Currency              : EUR
                                                                         who has a contract with the health insurance fund. A list of
 Religion             : Roman Catholic
                                                                         such doctors is available from the health insurance fund .
 Climate              : moderate, continental
                                                                     0' Medicines are prescribed by the practitioner and dispensed
 Time zone            : +1 GMT
                                                                          at pharmacies. One has to pay a prescription charge of
 Member of EU          : Yes
                                                                          €5.10 (2011) per item. One can claim exemption if one's
                                                                          income falls below a certain minimum amount. There is an
                                                                          annual charge of €1 0 for the E-card (social insurance card)
                                                                          (exceptions apply).

                                                                     Economy in Austria
                                                                     The Austrian economy grew by 2.1 % in 2010 (according to
                                                                     preliminary WIFO calculations). In 2010 the GOP was
                                                                     increased by €1 0.1 billion or 3.7% to around €284.4 billion at
                                                                     current prices. The GOP per capita was €33,900 (+3.4%). As
                                                                     measured by the GOP per capita, Austria is in the upper sector
                                                                     not only within the EU but world-wide.
                                                                     (Source: StatistikAustria) .

                                                                     The Austrian economic structure is mainly dominated by small

                                                                     ~Food        Industries
                                                                     ~Machine           and Steel Industry
                                                                     ~Chemical           and Vehicle Industry

     Austria has the strongest economies in the                      ~Electric        and Electronic Industry
   world with lots of jobs in textiles, machinery and                ~Wood         and Paper Industry
                metallurgical industries.

                Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Mumbai, New Delhi, Pune, Vizag, Ireland, UK, USA
IMMIGRATE TO AUSTRIA                                                                                                      OI>UL~NTUS
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 Employment in Austria                                                 Jobseeker Visa for Very Highly Qualified Worker
 In Austria, anyone above the age 15 can get a job and respec-         Workers are considered very highly qualified if they achieve at
 tively after later completion of compulsory school. Before com-       least 70 out of 100 points according to the points system . This
 pletion of compulsory school, young people above 15 may be            category is addressing very highly qualified and experienced
 employed in certain cases such as an apprenticeship or practi-        top-level personnel, such as scientists and senior top-level
 cal training. Children and young people up to age 18 are              management.
 covered by child and youth employment legislation .                   Third-country citizens with a very high level of qualifications
 The type of employment stipulated in the employment contract          may apply for a six-month visa for the purpose of job search
 does not necessarily correspond to the real-life situation: e.g .         To know more visit our website

 a contract may state a freelance services contract, although          Very highly qualified workers who have obtained a job search
 the occupation        is carried-out in personal dependence,          visa may apply for a Red-White-Red Card with the competent
 meaning the employed person is bound by instruction, direc-           residence authority in Austria if they are able to submit an
 tions regarding working hours, place of work etc. In this case        employment offer (work contract) during the period of validity
 the contract is in fact a regular employment contract and the         of the visa. The competent authority can either be the Provin-
 respective rules apply.                                               cial Governor (Landeshauptmann), the Authorised Regional
                                                                       Administrative Authority (Bezirkshauptmannschaft) or the
 0 The Integration Agreement is intended to enable the                 Local Administrative Authority (Magistrat).
     integration of foreign nationals lawfully settled in Austria.
 0 1ts purpose is to provide in-depth German language skills,
     in particular reading and writing skills, with an aim to enable
   third-country nationals to participate in social, economic
     and cultural life in Austria.
 Third-country nationals are obliged to complete Module 1
 when first granted one of the following residence titles:

 ~   "Red-White-Red Card"
 o "Red-White-Red Card Plus"
 o "Settlement Permit"
 o "Settlement Permit - Gainful Employment Excepted"
 o "Settlement Permit - Dependant"
                                                                         Austria is known as one of the richest countries
 o "Family Member"
                                                                              in the world with high living standards
                   Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Mumbai, New Delhi, Pune, Vizag, Ireland, UK, USA
IMMIGRATE TO AUSTRIA                                                                                                       OI>UL~NTUS
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     Our Branches
                         Bangalore      Eligibility for Job Seeker Visa
                  215-A, KHB Colony
      5th Block, Koramangala Layout     06 Special qualifications and skills [- Post-doctoral qualification (habilitation) or PhD in the
   Near Ganesh Temple, Behind VLCC
     Bangalore, Karnataka - 560095
                                            subjects like mathematics, informatics, natural sciences or technology (MINT subjects)]
     +91 - 80-40997779, 40927879        06 Gross salary of previous year earned in a senior management position with a company

                                            listed on the stock exchange or a company for which the Austrian foreign trade office in
       8.H 8th floor Gee Gee Emerald        charge issued a positive report about its activities or business segment
       312 Valluvarkottam High Road
                                        ::.1 Work experience (adequately reflecting applicant's qualification or senior management
       Chennai, Tamil Nadu - 600034         position)
                  +91 - 44-30589171
         ::.1 Language skills (IELTS or TOEFL Required)

                        Hyderabad       ::.1 Age Below 45 years
                          Suite : 301
                                        ::.1 If an applicant has studied in Austria (will be an added advantage)
                     Babu Khan Mall
Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh - 500 082
                 +91 -40 -44185555
                                        When will a Red-White-Red Card be issued?
       Very highly qualified workers with valid jobseeker visas may apply for a Red-White-Red Card
                  Himayathnagar         for twelve months. During the validity period of visa, if applicants manage to find an employer
                 # 301, Swetha Apts
                       Opp: Minerva     offering them a work relevant to their level of qualification then they become eligible for Red-
                                        White-Red Card.
Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh - 500 029
                 +91 -40 -66773344      Very highly qualified persons permitted to enter Austria under a visa-free regime may apply for
                                        the Red-White-Red Card during their lawful visa-free stay in Austria.
            Suite 401,402, D- Wing      Cost
                       Crystal Plaza
                                        ~   Opulentus processing charges 25,000
                  Opp - Infinity Mall
                      Andheri West      ~   Visa fees is 100 Euros to be paid in cash in Indian Rupees and is subject to change
      Mumbai, Maharashtra - 400053
                 +91 - 9819087586           accordingly to the present exchange rate
                                        ~   Processing time 2 -3 months (discretion on the embassy)
                         New Delhi
                Suite: 806, 8th floor   ~   Opulentus processing time after all the documents is received (3-4 weeks)
           International Trade Tower
         Nehru Place, Delhi - 110019
                 +91 -11-49565355
                               Pune                                                    COME IMMIGRATE TO AUSTRIA UNDER
               1st Floor - 143 & 144
                    Connaught Place                                                    JOB SEEKER VISA WHICH LEADS
                 Bund Garden Road                                                      TO RED WHITE RED CARD THROUGH
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                Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Mumbai, New Delhi, Pune, Vizag, Ireland, UK, USA

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