Prior to the IEP Meeting: by b8v5Wr


                                            BEFORE THE IEP MEETING
                                    ACTION                                        WHO                 WHEN

     Gather student performance data including formal and informal test       CASE MANAGER   Two months prior to the IEP
     results, classroom performance, grades, observations, charts and                               Due Date
     progress toward goals and objectives.

     1. Go into the Student Documents in TIENET and use the pull down         CASE MANAGER   Two months prior to the IEP
     menu to Create a New Document                                                                  Due Date

     2. In the menu, choose Individualized Education Program

     3. The Document Set Up window will appear. Use the pull down
     menu on the right to select the type of IEP meeting.

     4. Select or deselect the forms appropriate for the type of meeting in
     Document Set Up.

     5. Using the messaging feature in TIENET, notify the appropriate
     team members that the DRAFT VERSION of the IEP is in DRAFT
     mode and data can be entered. Include the nurse and health assistant.

                                                                                             Two months prior to the IEP
     6. Enter the results of assessments and summary of progress where                              Due Date
     appropriate (Present Levels of Academic and Functional
     Performance). Draft goals and objectives if appropriate.

AnnualIEP_practice                           1                                                                     10/11/07

                                       ACTION                                          WHO                     WHEN

     7. Go to Parent Communication and select invitation. Complete the             CASE MANAGER      At least 10 days prior to the
     invitation set to final and print a copy to send to the parent.                                 scheduled meeting (PRIOR
      IEP meetings need to be scheduled at a mutually convenient time and a                          TO THE ANNUAL DUE
     courtesy call to the parent is recommended prior to sending the invitation.                               DATE).

     8. Print a “MASTER” copy of the DRAFT IEP VERSION of the                      CASE MANAGER
     working IEP and bring to the meeting.
      this includes draft goals and objectives for related services
     Optional: Allow parent to see present level of academic and functional        Team Members
     performance and proposed goals and objectives prior to the meeting.

                                                 DURING THE IEP MEETING
                                          ACTION                                           WHO                    WHEN

     1. Use the “MASTER” COPY to write additions and changes resulting from           CASE MANAGER          At the IEP Meeting
     the discussion.
      The team may decide to make edits to the DRAFT VERSION online if a
     computer with internet access is available at the meeting.
     Try using a SMART board or Prometheus to project the IEP on a screen and
     make edits during the meeting.

     2. Have parent verify address information within Section 1 and notify
     Office Manager of any discrepancies.

     3. Have team and parent sign the attendance section of the “MASTER”

AnnualIEP_practice                                2                                                                          10/11/07

                                             ACTION                                      WHO                WHEN

     4. Send original Attendance Sheet, Invitation and closed out goals and          CASE MANAGER    Within 24 hours of the
     objectives (if done the old way) to the EECT immediately.                                             meeting.

                                                                                     CASE MANAGER     During the meeting.
     5. Record the results of the IEP discussion and parent input to the master         & TEAM
     copy of the DRAFT VERSION for later entry.                                        MEMBERS
      Or enter data during the meeting if using the online method.
                                                                                     CASE MANAGER
     6. Explain to the parent that the additions and changes will be entered after      & TEAM
     the meeting and the “FINAL” COPY will be sent to them within five school          MEMBERS
      Include procedural safeguards that can be obtained through the warehouse.

                                                      AFTER THE IEP MEETING
                                             ACTION                                       WHO               WHEN

    1. Access the student document in TIENET and enter any data that was              CASE MANAGER   Within 5 school days of
    added or changed to the master copy of the DRAFT VERSION at the IEP                  & TEAM           the meeting.
    meeting.                                                                            MEMBERS
     Only enter data that was a result of the discussion at the IEP meeting.

    2. Once the data has been entered go to STATUS (located along the action          CASE MANAGER   Within 5 school days of
    bar)                                                                                                  the meeting.

AnnualIEP_practice                                   3                                                                 10/11/07

                                    ACTION                                             WHO                    WHEN

    Change the document status to “REVIEW” mode or “FINAL” mode.                 CASE MANAGER         Within 5 school days of
                                                                                                           the meeting.

    Use the automatic TIENET messaging to notify anyone on the team who
    would need to review or proof the IEP contents.

    3. The case manager MUST notify the Exceptional Education Compliance         Ex. Ed. Compliance              .
    Technician that the document is set to FINAL so that census processing can       Technician

    5. Print the ‘FINAL” COPY and provide to the parent.                         CASE MANAGER         Within 5 school days of
                                                                                                      the actual meeting.
    6. OPTIONAL: Use the event log to document that the final IEP was            CASE MANAGER         Within 5 school days of
    provided to the parent.                                                                           the actual meeting.

AnnualIEP_practice                         4                                                                            10/11/07

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