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									Helping Struggling Students
   Mathematics Part II
State Approved
                      Valencia F. Thornton                  Back by popular
     1 PLU                                                  D E M A N D !
                          Grades (4-8)

                        Title I Math Specialist

       • Raise Confidence in Math
         • Increase Test Scores
   • Give Your Students Number Sense
  • Practice with 85% to 90% accuracy
     • Practical Hands on Activities
              • Web sites
        • Researched Based Data

                 February 24, 2009
               The Cunningham Center
                 3100 Gentian Blvd
              Columbus, Georgia 31907
        For more information-PHONE: (678) 516-0799 or (770)322-5486
Helping Struggling Students Master Math
              Grades 4-8

An Awesome Workshop! Join Valencia as she shows
teachers new ways and practical strategies to help under-
achievers become more successful in mathematics.
Various techniques will be presented to assist teachers how
to teach the Georgia QCC Objectives, and the new Georgia
Performance Standards. The standards addressed will
include: basic math facts, fractions, decimals, integers,
proportions and problem solving skills.

Creative ways of assessments will be demonstrated to
incorporate a win-win environment for both the student
and the teacher.

 “Solving Equations” – Balancing Side A & Side B

 “Proportional Reasoning” - Underline / Box with Colors

 “The Meaning of 1/8” – Understanding Rational Numbers

   Mastering Order of Operations using….. “OPERATION C ode”

 “The Prime Factorization ^ Square Root”……CONNECTION

   Mastering!.. Greater Than/Less Than……. using SKITTLES®
                                                                    You will leave
                                                                    knowing how

                                                               Motivate and sustain your
                                                              students’ interest.
     Experienced Presenter
Valencia F. Thornton, a math                                   Identify Fool-proof strategies
specialist and consultant has been                            to help your students obtain
leading students to success in                                GOOD grades.
math for 19 years! She was
nominated for Who’s Who Among                                  Deliver math skills using the
American Middle School                                        clustering methods.
Teachers. She has taught
underachievers and has                                         Engage every learner so that
discovered ways to stimulate and                              they will leave and return to your
motivate them into loving math!                               class Motivated and Excited!

             Excellent Presenter!                              Strengthen your Struggling
“Good presentation! Gives elementary teachers good
                                                              Students performance in Math!
insight to help prepare for the middle school!”…L.
Glover, 2nd grade Teacher
                                                               Use creative ways to assess
“Excellent, energized presentations, appropriate
ideas and models to use with the struggling student.”
                                                              students’ progress with constant
M. Galeaidi 3rd grade teacher                                 monitoring using the power of
“Fantastic presenter! I learned a lot!                        “why”, “show me how you…”
Inspirational!”….C. Boochee, Title I Math
                                                              and “talk that out aloud for me!”.
“I really enjoyed this class; it should be mandatory for
all math teachers!..P. Hanley, 5th grade teacher
“Ms. Thornton’s “Helping Struggling Students Master
Math”……Excellent, interactive, very applicable and
easily communicable!….V. Turner, 7th grade teacher

                            Confirmations will be sent via e-mail!
                                      Please provide current e-mail address.
                 How to Register:
   Send completed registration and payment to:                    Registration Fee: $210.00 per participant
              CRAM Academy                                             ( Send 3 more for $199.00 each)
               3007 Panola Rd.
                    Suite C                                             Program Schedule
                     #102                                              Registration begins at
           Lithonia, Georgia 30038                                           8:00-8:30
                                                                     Workshop is scheduled from
        Payment is preferred before day of workshop.
                                                                        8:45a.m. – 3:30p.m.
   Pre-registration required. Spaces are limited!                    Lunch will be provided!….
  Fax completed registration to (770) 987-3047                          Parking Available.
           Who Should Attend?
                                                                              Workshop is held at:
   Title I Teachers, ElP Teachers, (4-8)                                    The Cunningham Center
     Teachers, Administrators, Math                                            3100 Gentian Blvd.
 Coordinators, Special Education Teachers,                                 Columbus, Georgia 31907
      Paraprofessionals, and Parents                                    (678) 516-0799 or (770) 322-5486
             Substitutions allowed!

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                         “Helping Struggling Students Master Mathematics”
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