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									Marketing Strategy Principles Revealed
by Doris Spencer |

Marketing Strategy is Everything…
Marketing Principles and Strategies.

                      “Marketing Strategy” requires that
you know where to focus your time, money, and resources.

Your job is to create, communicate, and deliver value, to
your market, at a profit.

You have to communicate and deliver value.
To do this you need a clear understanding of marketing principles and strategies.
Understanding marketing principles and strategies, where to focus your time, money and resources
gives you a big advantage. There are volumes written on this subject.

“Your Brand” is what you are all about…
Everybody has the ability of being the best at something. What are you the best at? Your
brand is a promise… Your brand inspires everything you do…

Here’s a short video which clarifies this marketing strategy concept.

Marketing Strategy with Philip Kotler – London Business Forum

Philip Kotler is the undisputed heavyweight champion marketer.

He’s authored or co-authored around 70 books, addressed huge audiences around the world and
consulted with some of the biggest brands.

There is a science to marketing… Your marketing strategy needs to be a scientific marketing
approach. You need to know your customers beyond the data base… Understand their mind, heart,
and spirit… There are volumes written on this subject.

Build a Great Business!
No strategy can be made independent of your competition.
It’s called competitive analysis.

4 Principles of Marketing Strategy

Here’s a few take-a-ways from Brian Tracy’s “Total Business Mastery”
where he teaches about marketing strategy.

Four Key Marketing Principles
1. Specialization -

Says, “This is the area to focus all of your efforts.”
(on a product or service)

2. Differentiation -

Customer says , “I want to get the very best deal.
I want to get the highest quality for the lowest price.”

1. Competitive Advantage -

Your area of superiority and excellence.
2. Your area of excellence, superiority

3. Your “Unique Selling Proposition” (USP)
Where are you or where could you be the best?

Unique is the only adjective that cannot be modified.

3. Segmentation -

Identifying who is most likely to buy from you.
Who are your very best customers? Who are
those customers who most appreciate your
area of superiority?

How would you describe your “perfect customer?”

1) What are their demographics?

1. Age?
2. Gender?
3. Income?
4. Education?
5. Occupation?
6. Location?
7. Family Status?
2) What are their psychographics?

1. Goals, ambitions?
2. Wants, needs,motivations?
3. Hopes, dreams, aspirations?
4. Fears, doubts, worries?
5. Problems to be solved? (PTBS)

4. Concentration -

Is where you focus your time,
money and resources.

1. What are the best possible ways to
contact your ideal customers?

2. What are the best possible media?

3. What are the most powerful appeals?

These 4 Principles of Marketing Strategy
are the foundation for your marketing skills.
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Bless and be blessed,
Doris Spencer


By using this scientific marketing strategy it really is possible to create
financial freedom and have lifestyle freedom.

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