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									             London European Social Fund (ESF) Awards 2012
ESF Award Categories
Please select the categories you wish to be nominated for:

Young Learner / Participant of the Year (14-19 years)
(This award applies to participants supported by the GLA’s or Skills Funding Agency’s NEET programmes)

Adult Learner/ Participant of the Year (20+ years)

Outstanding Achiever of the Year

Progression onto an Apprenticeship
(This award applies to any participant supported to progress onto an Apprenticeship, refer to entry notes on page 2)

Outstanding Mentor/Tutor/Employment Advisor of the Year

All winners will be selected by an independent judging panel. The judging panel will assess your
nomination based only on the information provided on this form. The judges’ decision is final.
We are unable to acknowledge receipt of nominations after the deadline date. Successful nominees
and their nominators will be notified the week commencing 12 November 2012.

Short listed nominees and their guests each will be invited to the Awards Ceremony at City Hall on 10
December 2012. Each winner will receive an Achievement Trophy.

Selection Panel Criteria
The selection process will involve assessment on the points below. Nominators and nominees should
describe success in the following categories:
         Visibly exceptional improvement in their life, initiative and creativity in taking part in either their
             learning/ employment programme
         Serving as a positive role model or inspiration to others
         How they overcame obstacles or a degree of difficulty whilst in a learning or employment
         Skills/employment gained and level of achievement obtained (applicable to participants)
         Contribution/ impact in the workplace, on fellow workers, other trainees and/ or the community
Notes for Entry
Nominations can only be accepted on this official nomination form. Should you require a different
format contact the ESF team at GLA by email

Please ensure all relevant sections are completed as only fully completed forms can be considered.
We are unable to consider any additional information you may supply after the deadline date.

Nominees for ‘Progression onto an Apprenticeship’ must have progressed from participation on a
project to undertaking or completing an Apprenticeship framework recognised by an Issuing Authority
or Sector Skills Council/ UKCES commissioned body (as applicable in line with the introduction of the
Specification of Apprenticeship Standards for England) and be in paid employment.

Please ensure your completed form is received by 5pm 19 October 2012 either by email to or posted to the European Programmes Management Unit-ESF, London
ESF Awards 2012, Greater London Authority, City Hall, The Queens Walk, London SE1 2AA.

Part One: to be completed by the Nominator
Please write only within the white boxes

Details of nominee:
Please enter the name of your nominee EXACTLY as you would like it to appear on the plaque. We
cannot be held responsible for names spelled incorrectly here.

First Name:                                 Surname/Family name:

Email Address:
Date of Birth:                              Daytime Phone Number:

Organisation Name (if applicable):


Nominator’s Details
Your Name:                                  Organisation (if applicable):


Daytime Telephone Number:                   Email:
What is your relationship to the Nominee?

Project       Carer        Employer          Friend         Other (please
Worker                                                      specify)
Name of Provider:

Name of project/programme:

Period that the project/programme is being part funded by ESF
From                                                  To

Name of Apprenticeship Training
Name of the                      Please delete as appropriate: Skills Funding Agency/ Department
Co-financing organisation (CFO): for Work and Pensions/ Greater London Authority/ National Offender
                                        Management Service/ London Councils
Name of CFO ESF contract
CFO ESF contract manager
Telephone number:

Where did you hear about the London ESF Awards?

Email                 Website          Other (please specify)

Why do you think your nominee should receive a
London Region ESF Award?
Please give examples under the following headings:

How participation in the project has made a difference in their life or organisation and/or had
an impact or benefited other people/ the workplace/ community?
Please limit responses to 500 words and refer to the guidance notes below to help you to answer this

Individuals: exceptional progression, initiative and creativity as a result of taking part in either their
learning/employment program, serve as a good role model or likely to inspire others, demonstrate a
good level of contribution/ impact on the workplace, fellow workers, other trainees and/ or the
Tutor/mentor/ employment advisor: demonstration of initiative and creativity in delivering/providing
learning aims/ employability support, serve as a role model or likely to inspire participants and fellow
tutors/mentors/employment advisors, demonstrate a good level of contribution/ impact on their
organisation, fellow colleagues, the groups to which they support and/ or the community.
Some individuals may not achieve “hard outcomes”, such as jobs or qualifications. It may be that the
project is not designed to move them immediately into work, but rather progress them on their journey
into work. Soft outcomes can often provide significant steps forward in achieving these harder
outcomes. Example of soft outcomes (although not exhaustive) can include increased confidence,
motivation and improved attitude to work and increased awareness of labour market needs.
If the nominee is a person who has achieved soft outcomes, the nominator should take extra care to
show that the “distance travelled” by the nominee is significant.

Please describe any obstacles the individual has had to overcome?
Please limit to 300 words.

Obstacles may, but not exclusively, include:

     social issues, such as homelessness, caring responsibilities and previous offences
     physical and mental health issues including alcohol/ drug dependency, disability or learning

     employment issues, such as men or women working in non-traditional areas, fitting in training
         around shift work

     high staff turnover/ staff motivation/ lack of experienced staff
     “hard-to-reach” participants isolated and distant from the labour market
Please ensure you have completed all relevant sections

Nominator’s Declaration:
I confirm that the information supplied by me above is correct to the best of my knowledge
and that where the nominee is under the age of 18 I accept the terms attached at the
schedule to this application form and that I have read and understood the contents of this
form and agree to the above and the terms set out at the schedule to this application form as


Signature:                                                        Date:
Part Two: to be completed by the Nominee
Please write only within the boxes

What you write is very important to us and may be an encouragement to other people. However,
please do not provide any information that you do not wish to be made public. Information you give
here may be forwarded to the media or used by the host at the awards ceremony.

Please tell us about your background before joining the ESF project and why you joined.
Up to 300 words

Tell us about your achievements and how this experience has made a difference to your
life/organisation and to others in the learning environment/ workplace/ community.
Up to 300 words

What are you doing now and how do you plan to build on yours or your organisation’s future
Up to 300 words
Part Three: Nominees declaration
Under the Data Protection Act 1998, we have a legal duty to protect any personal information we
collect from you. Any Personal Data you send to us will be treated confidentially and we will only use
the information you supply to us for the reason that you provided it.
     I agree to my details above being shared with legitimate organisations including the Greater
        London Authority, Skills Funding Agency, Department for Work and Pensions, London
        Councils, National Apprenticeship Service, Greater London Enterprise and the National
        Offender Management Service.
     I agree to my details above being shared with an independent Judging Panel responsible for
        selecting the finalists and winners.
     I understand that they may be used for publicity purposes.
     I confirm that the information above supplied by both me and my Nominator is true and
     I wish to be nominated for an ESF award.
     I am 18 years of age or over and accept the terms attached at the schedule to this application
        form/I am under 18 years of age and confirm that the nominator accepting the terms attached
        at the schedule to this application form does so as my parent or legal guardian*.

        *delete as applicable



Please tick this box to confirm that you have read and understood the contents of this
form and agree to the above and the terms set out at the schedule to this application
form as applicable.

If you have consented to the Greater London Authority (GLA) processing your Personal Data, you may
withdraw that consent by writing to the postal or email address below, and the GLA will cease to
process your Personal Data on the basis of your consent. You may withdraw consent wholly or for
specific uses, e.g. marketing.

Please send your email to or by post to the European Programmes
Management Unit-ESF, London ESF Awards 2012, Greater London Authority, City Hall, The Queens
Walk, London SE1 2AA.
Schedule – Competition Terms

1.   Entry is open to UK residents excluding employees of the Greater London Authority
     (GLA), Transport for London, London Legacy Development Corporation, the Mayor’s
     Office for Policing and Crime, the London Fire and Emergency Planning Authority or
     any of their subsidiaries advisers, agents and/or anyone connected with the
     organisation of this promotion, provided always that where an entrant is below the age
     of 18 then the entry must be made expressly on behalf of the entrant by the entrant’s
     parent or legal guardian.

2.   Entries to the Competition should be made on the official entry form and returned either
     by email to or or posted to:
     European Programmes Management Unit-ESF, London ESF Awards 2012, Greater
     London Authority, City Hall, the Queens Walk, London SE1 2AA. If you are using your
     work computer you may need to obtain your employer’s permission prior to entering.
     Any entry not made on the official entry form or which is incomplete, illegible, defaced
     or a copy of an official form will be rejected.] [Proof of posting will not be accepted as
     proof of entry and no responsibility will be accepted for entries lost, damaged or
     delayed in the post.
3.   The Competition begins on 13 July 2012 and runs until 19 October 2012 17.00. Entries
     to the Competition must be arrive no later than 19 October 2012
4.   Winners will be shortlisted and expected to be notified by 12 November and requested
     to be available for a day between 12 – 23 November 2012 for pre-award filming of the
     nominees. Winners will be notified at the ERDF-ESF Awards event at City Hall on
     Monday 10th December 2012.
5.   Winners will be required to take part in promotional activities including filming.
     Photographs will be taken at the event and used for publicising the awards
6.   The Promoter of the competition is the GLA of City Hall, the Queen’s Walk, London,
     SE1 2AA). The judges’ decision is final and binding in all matters and no
     correspondence will be entered into. .
7.   Entry into the Competition whether by entrants aged 18 or over and by the entrant’s
     parent or legal guardian on behalf of entrants under 18 implies acceptance of these
     terms and conditions by the entrant or entrant’s parent or legal guardian. The GLA
     reserves the right to refuse to award prizes to anyone found to be in breach of these
     terms and conditions.

Privacy statement

The Greater London Authority (GLA) will use all personal information for the purposes of
administering this competition, informing you if you have won and if so, issuing your prize.
We may use your personal information to send to you details of other competitions and
campaigns that may be of interest to you. All personal information will be properly
safeguarded and processed in accordance with the requirements of the Data Protection Act

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