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									                                      Group Contract

Group Title:   XXX’s Group

Members:       Xxx

Roles:         www – Leader
               xxxx – Writer
               YYYY – Research
               ZZZ – Research

Obligations: All members are committed to doing whatever is necessary to obtain a
satisfactory grade. A satisfactory grade will be defined as any grade above and including
a C. The leader will be responsible for assigning work and setting deadlines. The leader
will also submit the work via Websubmit as per the instructor’s direction. The writer will
compile all research and supply all members with that work. The researchers will gather
information on the project and turn into the writer. All members will proof and edit
work. A copy of this contract will be held by the instructor for her approval.

Meetings:      The team agrees to meet as necessary outside of class. Email is the
preferred method of information exchange. As set by the instructor, all members will use
about 3 hours per week for assignments. All work is due on Monday at class time. That
allows for any revisions to be made before submission by the leader.

Risks: If a team member does not do the assigned work that puts unfair work on other
team members. If that occurs, the other team members may dismiss that person from the
group. Dismissed members can try to join another group if they wish, but they will not
be able to receive a grade for the group’s project. The leader will inform the instructor if
that situation arises. If anyone is dismissed, the other members will assign a different
member to finish the goals set for the dismissed member.


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