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									A Penny Doubled Every Day
by Doris Spencer | on November 7, 2011

A Penny Doubled Every Day for 31 Days…
The power of a penny doubled every day…

This simple story teaches us a valuable lesson about
possibilities and consistency…

A penny doubled is a great example for grasping the
concept of exponential growth…

The speed at which money grows, can be just as amazing…

Even if your time and energy available, isn’t much right now, start somewhere… Then watch your
business and your money grow and multiply over the days, months, and years…

Be persistent and consistent… and the results will follow…

The concept of “a penny doubled” is a marketing strategy that could gain you, your financial
freedom, if you put it to work… If you get in and get busy…
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A Penny a Day for 31 Days or 1 Million Right Now Today?!?!

Different versions of this story have been around for years.

Maybe you’ve heard it before?
Below is the version that I first heard, which I still prefer to any other and use for my trainings.
The story is about hiring a young man who is given the choice of being paid, either $10,000
dollars a day… paid daily – in CASH… or …a penny doubled every day…
for thirty-one days… paid at the end of the 31 days.

If someone gave YOU your choice, which would you choose?

“$10,000 a day for 31 days?” or…
“A Penny Doubled everyday for 31 days?”

Most people take the $10,000 dollars a day… because it’s easy to visualize $310,000 dollars.
…plus it’s instant gratification… You can relieve some financial stress, right now, with the first day of
work, and make sure you have food on the table…

At first, you might be tempted to take the $10,000 a day since the final total would be $310,000
dollars. However, even though the humble little penny starts out small, it ends up, in just 31 days, a
financial GIANT worth $10.7 million dollars!!!

When I first heard this story I wouldn’t believe it was true… I had to have a visual aid. So I got
out my pencil and paper and carefully did the math. Adding and doubling each line as I went. I had to
see it to believe it… (I wouldn’t even believe a calculator!)

Wow! It was true! Do the math… the numbers don’t lie… Take a pencil and a calculator and play
with the numbers. Not only will you be surprised, you will be shocked at the potential…

Here’s the Proof…

Day 1 – $.01
Day 2 – $.02
Day 3 – $.04
Day 4 – $.08
Day 5 – $.16
Day 6 – $.32
Day 7 – $.64
Day 8 – $1.28
Day 9 – $2.56
Day 10 – $5.12
Day 11 – $10.24
Day 12 – $20.48
Day 13 – $40.96
Day 14 – $81.92
Day 15 – $163.84
Day 16 – $327.68
Day 17 – $655.36
Day 18 – $1,310.72
Day 19 – $2,621.44
Day 20 – $5,242.88
Day 21 – $10,485.76
Day 22 – $20,971.52
Day 23 – $41, 943.04
Day 24 – $83,886.08
Day 25 – $167,772.16
Day 26 – $335,544.32
Day 27 – $671,088.64
Day 28 – $1,342,177.28
Day 29 – $2,684,354.56
Day 30 – $5,368,709.12
Day 31 – $10,737,418.24
DAY 31 – $10,737,418.24 – Wow!

Would you believe the power of…“a penny doubled” …It’s amazing…
It’s an impressive lesson about consistency…

Don’t give up before you reach your goal…

The speed at which money grows, can be just as amazing…

Even if your time and energy investments, are small and minimal right now, start somewhere…
then watch your business and your money grow and multiply over the days, months and years…

Be persistent and consistent… and the results will follow…

When I think about this it reminds me of starting a business, to make a profit…
In the beginning you struggle, a lot, to get things going… Once your business reaches a certain
point, it takes off smoothly… on auto-pilot… Like a rocket-ship taking off into space… At first it burns
80% of the fuel during take off. then once it gets going, it flies smoothly on way less energy. Building
wealth works the same way…

Wealth building is about the discipline of having a plan and working your plan. You have to stick to
that plan until you get the results you want.

Wow! Amazing! Over a million dollars in the power of a single little penny doubled.
Imagine what you could do with your network marketing company…

Exponential Growth Rocks!

It’s really important to understand the value
of leveraging time and leveraging money…

Consider the following…
A person who completes college, starts their profession at age 25, will work 8 hours a day, week
after week, month after month, year after year, so they can retire at age 65 with a modest pension.
They are willing to stick it out, give the best 40 years of their life to someone else!!!
What are you being asked to do?
Invest some time and energy in YOURSELF… That’s all…

If you are willing to invest some good old fashioned hard work, spend some time and energy on
YOURSELF …you will see how quickly you can become FINANCIALLY INDEPENDENT… Gain
financial freedom…

A person in that position is as free as a bird…

You come and go as you please… You are in charge of your OWN LIFE, YOU call the shots, YOU
are the master of your own destiny… You are no longer a financial slave to others, YOU are

FREE to travel where you want, when you want…

The powerful concept of a penny doubled every day, combined with the power of network
marketing, plus online marketing is over-the-cliff powerful…

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