excercise to keep the body fit by williamstone


									Try aerobics.

    This is a form of physical exercise that focuses on the muscle
strength and stamina of our body. It improves almost all the elements of
fitness: flexibility, muscular strength and cardiovascular fitness. This
is often done with a trainer, but can be done solo. Also, some prefer to
do this activity with a musical accompaniment. A choreography exercise
does not only burn fats but eliminates stress too.

Practice Yoga.

    This is the most relaxing body fitness activity. Originating from
India, Yoga aims to help people find their center to attain good health.
We are benefited from its body flexing and stretching that are performed.
It strengthens the core and puts one in a perfect state of mind. For the
Yogis (a person who is religiously into yoga) they consider this as a
kind of mental activity leading to a supreme state.

Do Pilates.

    It is a state-of-the-art technique to well-being. This is a method of
physical fitness that teaches one how to mind-control our muscles.
Basically, the aim of this activity is to let us find our balance core
and teaches awareness of breath and alignment of the spine. Particularly,
it aims to strengthen the deep core of torso muscles.

Learn About "Capoeira".

    This is another form of exercise that is equally physical like
aerobics. Uniquely a Brazilian folk dance with improvised fighting
movements; many became followers of this latest gym craze. In layman’s
terms, it is a combination of martial arts, music and dance

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