Escambia High School Band Boosters May 11 2009

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					                              Escambia High School Band Boosters, Inc.
                                           May 11, 2009
                                    Booster Meeting Minutes

 Boosters Meeting called to order
 Bob Massey, President, not able to attend. Meeting called to order by Reina Crowe, VP-Fundraising.
 Minutes from April, 2009 Booster meeting available. Minutes approved and seconded.
 Items to be discussed this meeting are: Pelican’s sign-up, Band Banquet.
 Reina Crowe, 1st Vice President – Fundraising
      Band Banquet – May 16.
              o Perdido Bay Community Center
              o Tickets price - $15.
              o Food will be Italian.
              o Volunteers needed to help decorate banquet hall. Please be there at 1 pm.
              o Ticket Sales will be May 11-14, from Noon-2:15pm
 Pelicans.
              o Need someone to help keep this staffed.
              o Baseball will also have parents working the Pelican’s game. Baseball contact is Roger
                  Mayo or Tammy Kirkland.
              o Dress code: Black or Khaki pants or shorts. T-Shirt provided by Pelican’s
 Jill Rhodes, Treasurer
         Student’s statements were handed out. Any problems on your statement please email Jill.
            All student statements are up-to-date.
         Bob working on balance sheets, getting ready for June audit.
    Don Watts, Civic Center Chair
         Hockey possible at Civic Center. If it happens, there are about 20 home games, most likely
            will need 4 people to work each shift.
         PJC Graduation, May 12
         Don’s last event is June 6. The Blessings will assume Civic Center.
    Doug Holsworth – Band Director
         Working on budget for next school year.
         Incoming Freshmen – smallest class since late 90’s.
         Graduation – Friday, May 29 at 1pm. Working on trying to get Band students out earlier to
            make it to the Civic Center on time.
         Final concert will be Tuesday, May 19 in the gym.
         Jazz ‘A’ – next 2 Fridays at Swing Night
         Little Theater auditions for “Music Man”
         What time for Pelican’s? 5 – 5:30 pm, depending on game time. Times are listed on the sign-
            up sheets.
         Elizabeth Shasteen – Possible to speak to Target to see if the Band can be a part of their
            ‘loyalty’ program?
 Meeting adjourned 7:45 pm.
 Moved & Seconded

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