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  Federal Acquisition Service

Information Technology Government Council
ITIGC Quarterly Meeting

Policy Update
Mark J. Lee
Policy Chief, MAS Program Office

  March 25, 2010
      FAR Part 51 Deviation
Federal Acquisition Service

  Class Deviation granted on Oct. 8, 2009 and is effective for five years

  Deviation allows Federal government contracting officers to authorize
   a GSA contractor to purchase supplies and services from the
   Schedules Program and GSA Global Supply

  This authority is limited to order (s):

      Placed on a time-and-materials or labor hour basis

      For ancillary supplies/services that are in support of the overall

      Issued in accordance with the procedures in FAR 8.405-1,
      Ordering Procedures for Supplies, and Services Not Requiring a
      Statement of Work

      Placed by the federal government
    FAR Part 51 Deviation - Continued
Federal Acquisition Service

FAS Implementation of FAR Part 51 Deviation Authority
   – New Schedule Contract Clause
   – Note added to GSAR clause 552.238-75 alt 1
   – Update to gsa.gov/schedules
   – FAR Part 51 Deviation Ordering Guide
   – Expo training for customers and industry
   – Inclusive into overall customer facing training courses being developed

    Contracts Online – Phase II
Federal Acquisition Service

Phase II will capture and display on a contract-by-contract basis in GSA e-
 Library award exceptions to standard contract clauses

Why is FAS implementing this change?
   – Facilitates customer agencies maximizing effective use of the Schedules
   – Support’s Administration goals of transparency and open government

MAS Program-wide Implementation
   – All FAS Schedule solicitations will be refreshed through the Solicitation
     Writing System (SWS) by April 5, 2010
   – Capturing exceptions with submission and award of offers and
   – Baseline mass modifications scheduled to be issued on April 20th

    E-Verify General Applicability
Federal Acquisition Service

FAR Case 2007-013 requires federal contractors and subcontractors to
 use the E-Verify system as of September 8, 2009 to:
   Verify employment eligibility of federal contractors’ current employees
    who are assigned to work on a federal contract within the U.S.

FAR clause 52.222-54, Employment Eligibility Verification all solicitations
 and contractors that exceed the SAT, except those that:
   – Performance outside the U.S.;
   – Less than 120 days period of performance; and
   – Are only for: Commercially available off-the-shelf (COTS) items (or minor
     modifications to a COTS item) and related services.

    E-Verify Implementation Across the Schedules Program
Federal Acquisition Service

Applies at the solicitation level to all unless:
   – Contracting Director determines exception applies (see FAR 22.1802);
   – HCA has waives the requirement.

Contracts Online baseline mass modification with include FAR clause
 52.222-54, Employment Eligibility Verification
   – Contractor may request individual exemptions from E-Verify clause
   – PCO will review and determine applicability of the clause

    Service Contract Act
Federal Acquisition Service

Program-wide SCA team has been established and is being lead by VA
 Schedules Program

Goal is to have clear roles and responsibilities between GSA, DOL,
 ordering activities, and industry partners in application of SCA across the
 Schedules Program

Team reviewed existing variation in application of the SCA across the
 Schedules Program

Begun crafting consistent approach and engaging key stakeholders for

    Counterfeit IT Products
Federal Acquisition Service

FAR Case 2008-019, Authentic IT Products issued an announcement for
 proposed rulemaking

The Case defines IT Products to include hardware and software

Councils solicited feedback on:
 – Ways to develop greater assurance around IT products
 – Impact of counterfeit IT products on matters of performance and security
 – Contractor liability and consequential damages
 – Competition aspects of procuring IT products from the original
   manufacturer or authorized distributors
 – Viable means of representing authenticity of IT Products
 – Contract supply chain risk management requirements as an evaluation
   factor in the procurement IT products

Council thoughts?
Federal Acquisition Service

                               Mark Lee
                  Policy Chief, MAS Program Office
                  Office of Acquisition Management
                     Federal Acquisition Service



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