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									                     ADDENDUM 1: UNDPSO/RFP/2012-006
                    Minutes of the Pre- Bid Meeting & Site Visit
Date: Thursday, August, 30, 2012
Time: 10: 00 am to 11.00am
Location: UNDP Somalia office in Nairobi: Helen Clarke’s hall
Attendees: 1. Refer to Annex 1 for the list of representatives of vendors in attendance.
              2. Mark Richmond, Senior Field Security Advisor (Chair of the meeting)
              3. Niraj Chudasama- Security Associate
              4. Mary Okello- Procurement Associate.

Purpose: Site visit plus to review important issues in the Request for Proposal (RFP) and to
answer questions on any matter that may arise at this stage.

1.   Welcome – Mark Richmond opened the meeting and welcomed all attendees on behalf
     of UNDP Somalia, and requested everyone present to introduce themselves.

     He outlined the agenda as follows:
         Review of the RFP document
            o Questions or clarifications from the Bidders
         Site Visit.

2.   Review of the RFP document:

Time period of the contract:
 UNDP clarified that the RFP was intended to result into a Long Term Agreement (LTA)
   of 3 years.

Eligibility Criteria:
 Bidders questioned the importance of the Eligibility criteria given that there was no
    allocation of marks in the evaluation criteria to cater for the eligibility requirements.
 UNDP informed the bidders that since there was no prequalification exercise done earlier,
    it was important that all the bidders respond to all the requirements in the section on
    Eligibility Criteria because their proposals would first be evaluated against the eligibility
    criteria before proceeding on to the next stage of technical proposal.
 As an emphasis, all requirements under the eligibility criteria need to be fulfilled for a
    bidder to be pre-qualified.
 Bidders inquired what whether they needed to submit the exact documents under the
    eligibility criteria.
 UNDP clarified that depending on the nature of the firm, the documents to be submitted
    ought to be the equivalent of what is requested for.

Deadline of submission of bids
 UNDP reiterated that the closing time and date of the submission of bids is 12.00
   noon(Nairobi time), Thursday, 20th September 2012. No bids are to be accepted after the
   said time.
 Bidders inquired if they were required to submit their proposals through both email and
   hand delivery.
 UNDP clarified that bidders were allowed to use either mode to make their submission;
   no additional mark would be awarded to a vendor who used both modes to submit their
   proposal. It was emphasized that both modes were safe enough for use and the bidder is at
   liberty to make a choice.
Method for determining the best offer:
   UNDP advised that the Cumulative Method would be used to determine the winning
     bidder, explaining that: only proposals that achieve 70% of the total point on the
     substantive presentation shall be reviewed for price. The bidder attaining the highest in
     both technical and financial proposals would be awarded the contract. Bidders were
     therefore encouraged to put forward their best technical proposal as well as ensure
     that their proposal has the best price in order to win the tender.

Financial Proposal:
 UNDP explained that this would be a fixed cost contract and the referred cost need to be
   factored into the Bidder’s financial proposal as fixed cost.
 It was noted that the bidders were at liberty to submit their best proposal which would
   attract a unique financial proposal, however bidders were encouraged to ensure that they
   follow the template provided for in the bidding document but ensure that all their
   foreseeable costs are factored in the proposal, because the nature of the contract is a fixed
   type of contract.
 Could we please have the technical details for the following items that we have to quote for
   in ANNEX-IIC FEE SCHEDULE? “Installation of 2 Remote kits and one power supply unit
   with remote battery”
 The remote kit is the standard Sherlotronics (brand) that is connected to the
   transmitter (radio alarm) and comes with 2x standard remotes to trigger the alarm.
   The Power Supply is also the standard 1.5 amp with a battery pack of 12V-7AH to
   support the remote kit.

  3. Site Visit
 UNDP security staff then took the bidders present around the site and cautioned them on
  taking photos. Bidders were to view the premise in order to understand the compound and
  to be able to respond to the RFP from an informed point of view.

4.     Conclusion
 UNDP thanked all the participants for attending the Pre-bid meeting and promised to
   circulate the minutes to all potential bidders as well as posted in the respective websites.

   Annex 1: List of Attendees:
   1. Everard- Ultimate Security
   2. Brian Sagala- Securex Agencies
   3. Christine Ondego- Radar Ltd
   4. David Gichane- Radar Ltd
   5. Patrick Gitonga- KK Security
   6. Rahab Wangui- KK Security
   7. Daniel Karuri- G4S Kenya Ltd
   8. Nicholas Kyule- G4S Kenya Ltd

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