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									DIY Savings Can Be Costly in Long Run

Sometimes you make a decision that seems like an economical one at the moment, but this attempt
to save money can actually have the reverse result. In the end unintended consequences can arise and
they can sometimes be extremely costly. This is something to keep firmly in mind when you are
thinking about constructing an estate plan on your own using an online download of some sort.

There are websites out there that sell self-service legal documents. You follow their instructions to
create your own last Will. Consumer Reports magazine recently did a good job of providing its
readership with information to work with regarding these do-it-yourself estate planning websites.

Most people are aware of the fact that Consumer Reports is perhaps the foremost objective source of
information for consumers who are researching various different products or services. They came
away recommending against do-it-yourself sites after having legal experts analyze last wills created
utilizing their products.

The three legal professionals that they engaged were actually professors at Hofstra, Yale, and Texas
Tech respectively so we are talking about highly experienced and respected individuals.

Estate planning attorneys have been advising people to take pause before utilizing these sites for quite
some time now, but this independent confirmation really hammers home the point. The execution of
legally binding documents here in the Garden State is something that should be done with the
assistance of a licensed New Jersey estate planning lawyer.

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