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									      A safe trip with RX Medxo
                          How difficult it is to go on a trip, when you
                          are not in a situation to do so?

                          I had gone on a trip to New Jersey and my
                          health deteriorated on the way. I was
                          finding it difficult to come back with
                          normal transportation and so, contacted
                          Rx Medco to avail their ambulatory

This name was referred to me by the doctor whom I had consulted.
He told that Rx Medco provides good non–emergency well equipped
medical services in all the 50 states in US. Apart from Ambulatory,
their service also includes wheel chair, ALS / BLS facilities and also
air transportation. With their dedicated service, they have got a
good name and their services are preferred by private citizens,
doctors, hospitals, assisted living facilities, nursing homes etc.

I went back with Rx Medco and the cooperation of their staff was
excellent. They considered it as their prior motto to see that their
client is comfortable and is not facing any problem. They are very
concerned about us. I got good support from the dedicated staff of
Rx Medco.

With Rx Medco, I had a comfortable trip and I didn’t face any
problem all the way.

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