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									Fixed Term Contract

     1. Features

      This contract should be used for employees who have a planned end date. (e.g. The
        activity is time limited or the cover required is time limited.)

      There should be an objective justification for this appointment being fixed term

      In the majority of cases these employees will be paid a monthly salary.

     2. Process
     The following steps need to be taken in the following order to recruit someone on a fixed
     term contract:

     a. Grading
        The role must be formally graded or matched to an Academic Grade/Profile or an existing role which has
        been graded.

     b. Job requisition & Approval
        Once the grading has been confirmed a Job Requisition on Talentlink should be
        completed. This will then be sent for approval electronically.

     c. Advertising
        Once the Talentlink job requisition is approved, an HR Advisor will contact the
        School/Service Area Administrator to discuss advertising. All open ended roles must
        be advertised for a minimum of two weeks.

     3. Next Steps
     The next steps are generic to all contracts and can be found in the recruitment
     guidelines. Guidance on shortlisting, interviewing and appointing are covered in the

     In-depth guidelines on the recruitment process can be found at the following link and
     should be adhered to

     Further guidance on fixed term contract can be found at the following link,

Last Reviewed: September 2012

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