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					                                                                                     Job Profile

Greater Manchester Offenders Project (GMOP)

Housing Administrator (GMOP)

Reporting to:              Services Manager

Salary:                    SCP 18-19

Duration:                  Fixed term contract to 30 September 2011

Overall job role

The Housing Administrator will run administrative systems for the GMOP service and act as
first point of contact for all referrals and enquiries.

The job involves gathering and collating information and performing administrative tasks
largely concerned with administering referrals, processing them on a database and liaison by
phone and email with internal staff, referral agencies and other customers. They will have the
ability to work in a thorough, logical and systematic manner; giving consistent performance in
a busy working environment. They will be approachable, personable, tactful, thorough,
methodical, self disciplined, patient, logical and careful.

Job description

   Responsible for administering the GMOP referral systems including checking information,
    and directing work to the team using agreed criteria
   Logging information on a database, updating the database with new information,
    maintaining the database and running reports when required
   Dealing directly with referrals that require sign posting to other services and organisations
   Gathering information on the full range of services available to offenders with housing,
   Disseminating information to the team and key partners in appropriate formats including
    creating or compiling new directories of information where required.
   Contributing to the creation and marketing of information on the GMOP services
   Contributing to the creation of and upkeep of a service website
   Administer office systems for the service in liaison with Tameside Housing Advice service
    and Threshold central support office.

Team responsibilities

   Actively contribute to the success of the GMOP team by ensuring mutual understanding
    of each other’s priorities and the promotion of overall continuous improvement;
    contributing to organisational-wide initiatives where appropriate
   Abide by Threshold’s values and corporate behaviours, demonstrating compliance in
    interactions with colleagues, partner organisations, customers and external stakeholders.
   Ensure that all Threshold administrative and financial procedures are adhered to
   Participate in regular supervision sessions, team meetings, training and development

NB. This is not an exhaustive list; it is an indication of the nature of tasks to be

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Person specification – knowledge and experience

Experience of administrative systems (essential)
Customer service experience (essential)
Competent user of IT systems including databases (essential)
An understanding of equality and diversity issues (essential)
Knowledge of housing access systems (desirable)
Knowledge of criminal justice systems (desirable)
Knowledge of welfare benefits/debt issues (desirable)

Personal qualities/skills/abilities (essential)

   Good organisational skills; systematic and precise
   Naturally reflective and self-managing, yet with an accommodating, amiable behavioural
   The ability to assimilate and work with detailed and sensitive information in an accurate
    confidential, logical and systematic manner
   Concentration on factual and analytical day-to-day operational assignments
   A conscientious approach towards completing tasks and work-related goals in a thorough
    and disciplined manner
   Dependability, patience and stability
   Meticulous and accurate, complying within clearly defined rules and regulations.
   An objective problem solver
   Maintenance of a high work rate
   Ability to work well as part of a team
   Empathetic and supportive of the team goals
   Compliance with corporate values and culture.


The competencies required for success in the role of Housing Administrator include the ability
 Work within a team environment demonstrating conscientiousness, calmness, tolerance
    and consistency, fulfilling work projects with honesty and integrity
 Establish, build and stabilise relationships by listening to what others have to say thus
    digesting and absorbing the facts in order to respond and take action
 Be persistent in problem solving, seeking solutions through the expertise of both self and
    others, researching the facts with care and resolving problems in a timely and thorough
 Remain in control when things go wrong and people are challenging
 Be prepared to listen to what others say and feel in an accommodating manner, reaching
    a solution using practical means
 Adopt an accommodating and helpful manner, discussing, agreeing and where necessary
    accepting the objectives set by others and working within agreed parameters in order to
    ensuring tasks are complete.

Corporate behaviours

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Demonstrate compliance with the following corporate behaviours:

    Understanding
    Respectful
    Supportive
    Creative
    Co-operative
    Purposeful

                         CRITERIA FOR THE ROLE.

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