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									Job Description Assistant Solicitor

 Role: Assistant Solicitor

Location of Employment            National Office, 37 Killarney Street, Dublin 1

Reporting to                      Company Solicitor

Salary                            Circa €50K

Contract                          1 Year Fixed-Term Full Time

Probation                         6 months

Leave                             22 days per contract (plus office closed
                                  Christmas week)

Travel                            Travel will be required, a mileage allowance

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  Job Description Assistant Solicitor

Role: Assistant Solicitor

Role Overview: Assistant Solicitor to provide support to the Company Solicitor.

Reporting to: Primarily to Company Solicitor, with periodic reporting duties to Chief
Executive, National Office Directors, and Regional Directors.

Key responsibilities:
   To run the Association’s future litigation matters in-house
   Liaise with external solicitors on existing litigation matters
   Drafting of NTQs.
   Run the Association’s eviction cases.
   Advise Board, Chief Executive, National Office Directors, Regional Directors in
      relation to liability issues generally.
   Assist Company Solicitor in completion of property acquisitions, Local Authority
      Mortgages, Local Authority and Private Sector Leasing and Private Finance
   Assist Company Solicitor in resolution of residual audit and title queries in
      relation to Older Clúid Schemes.
   Assist Company Solicitor in completion of re-generation schemes.
   As appropriate to provide legal support and advice to Clúid staff to enable them
      perform their duties effectively

    To work with the Company Solicitor to ensure you are informed of legal
     developments in the areas of core interest to the association’s work
    Achieve standards of the highest integrity and have a sound understanding of
     issues of probity
    Attend / request training appropriate to your role

   To fulfil all care and high standards regarding, both Clúid’s and your own,
      health and safety obligations.
   To exercise discretion in all aspects of the role
   Any other duties which are consistent with your role.
Key competencies required in the role
   1-3 years experience in litigation matters, in particular defence litigation with
      particular focus upon Circuit and High Court matters, Commercial
      Conveyancing, Landlord and Tenant.
   Strong computer skills including accuracy and speed. Full working knowledge
      of Word, Outlook, Powerpoint and Excel.
   Good Communication skills to deal with internal and external queries.
   Good organisational skills and the ability to prioritise workload.
   Problem solving
   Company focus

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