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					     Real Estate Attorney in Palm Beach Gardens

If you are in business, there is a very good chance that at some point you will need the
                            services of an Real Estate Attorney
                        Matters that require
In the least benefit from, an attorney will often include: Negotiating and drafting a
    variety of contracts including
   Partnership Agreements
   Corporate By Laws
   Purchases and Sales of Real Estate
   Long Term Supplier Agreements
   Real Estate and Equipment Leases
   Employment Contracts
   Non-Compete Agreements, among others.
Once a Contract is created, that Contract is only has meaning
  if one is able to enforce it which is in practice in Florida since
  1990, and for a wide variety of commercial matters.
             Representative cases include

   Representing the purchaser of a 1.2 Million Dollar home in a claim for fraud
    based on the seller and seller broker's false representation that the house was
    equipped with hurricane resistant glass.
   Representing a major shareholder in a company that produced motorized racing
    carts in case against the other shareholders. The issue was division of the
    corporation's assets and liabilities (also known as "corporate divorce").
   Representing one partner against the other partner, who was also a family
    member, in a partnership dissolution (i.e. "partnership divorce"). This case
    involved issues of breach of fiduciary duty, theft of partnership assets,
    defamation, and conspiracy within and between family members.
   Representing the owner of an office park in a dispute with the municipal water
    utility. The utility attempted to increase his water rate by nearly tenfold, however
    we were able to reach a negotiated settlement.
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