Cost Benefit Analysis by K2Tytb9


									                                               Cost/Benefit Analysis

For all three conditions – AMI, CHF, and pneumonia – tracked by researchers, CAHs had
lower performance on HQA measures than non-CAHs among reporting hospitals.*

                                            Costs                                             Benefits
                                                                              1. Know where you are vs. peers

                                                                              2. Know your ED times for

                                                                              3. Improved patient care

                                                                              4. Increased patient satisfaction from
                                                                                 improved times

                                                                              5. Increased staff satisfaction from
                                                                                 improved times
Signing up for          10 records at 30 minutes abstraction time =
Hospital OQR            5 hours at $30/hr = $150/quarter or $600/yr           6. Lives saved from decreased door to
                                                                                 needle or door-in to door-out times

                                                                              7. ED staff merit raises based on
                                                                                 improved times

                                                                              8. ED physician ARNP/PA contract tied
                                                                                 to improved times

                                                                              9. Improved documentation

                                                                              10. Help/assistance from your QIO

                           1. Care given in a vacuum

                           2. Poor outcomes from delayed times
                              – time is muscle

                           3. Decreased patient satisfaction from
                              long wait times

                           4. Increased staff discontent from long
                              wait times

                           5. No objective data for merit
Not signing up for
                           6. No objective data for physician                                   None
Hospital OQR

                           7. Documentation doesn’t meet

                           8. Fewer admissions from patient

                           9. Less income from low use by

                           10. Poor reputation

*Joynt KE, Harris Y, Orav EJ, Jha AK. Quality of care and patient outcomes in critical access rural hospitals. JAMA. 2011;
306(1):45-52. doi: 10.001/jama.2011.902

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