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					               IGCSE 1.4 Momentum Crossword
                    (Triple Science Only)

Across                                     Down
3. Vehicle used to get into space          1. Equals mass times velocity
5. An area of a car designed to compress   2. Do this to a body to increase
8. Increase this in a collision to            its momentum
   reduce force                            4. Interaction where momentum is
9. Velocity in m/s if momentum is             conserved
   18kg m/s and mass 6kg                   6. Decreases if the rate of change
10. This applies to momentum                  of momentum is decreased
    in collisions                          7. Two or more bodies moving
12. Always goes with action                   apart rapidly
14. Equals momentum divided by velocity    10. A difference
16. Came up with laws of motion            11. Equals momentum divided by mass
20. Action and reaction must be            13. Opposite to reaction
    this in direction                      15. Increased by the use of crumple
21. Momentum in kg m/s if mass is 3kg          zones in cars
    and velocity 4m/s                      17. Mass in kg if momentum is 32kg m/s
                                               and velocity 4m/s
                                           18. Not first or second
                                           19. Force in N if momentum change of
                                               80kgm/s occurs in 20s

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