Statics Exam #2: Fall 2008

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1. (33 points) When cars C and D stop on a two-lane bridge, the forces exerted by their
tires on the bridge are as shown. Determine the total reactions at A and B when a  8.1 m.
2. (33 points) For the given loading of the beam AB, determine the range of values of the
mass of the crate for which the system will be in equilibrium, knowing that the maximum
allowable value of the reactions at each support is 2.5 kN and that the reaction at E must
be directed downward.
3. (34 points) The following illustration shows a track lighting system. The contractor
mounted the system and then had to add bar DE to move the entire system over a bit.
Each of the lights in the system weighs 3 lbs. The track itself has a density of 7 lbs/ft.
Find the tension in cables A, B, and C and also the compression force in rod DE.

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