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									The Victorian Age

     1832 - 1901
                            Queen Victoria

 Queen victoria was born May 27, 1819
 After William the 4th died in 1837, she became Queen
  of England
 She fell in love with her cousin, Prince Albert, and
  got married in February
 She died at age 80 in 1901

          Queen Victoria and her family      Queen Victoria as a baby
                                  The Beginning

 By the beginning of the Victorian Age, Britain had
  shifted out of the Industrial Revolution
 This shift created profound economic and social
 Mass Migration of workers to industrial towns
 Victoria set a strict code of morals and manners

         Piece of Victorian art
                   Victorian Issues

 4 controversies that concerned the Victorians:
      -Rule of women
      -British forces working to expand their global

                                 Women of the Victorian age having tea
                    Social Classes

 Upper Classes
 -Changed from hereditary Aristocrats to nobility           and
 wealthy commercial class
 -Did not work, wealth came from inherited land             and
 Middle Class
     -Performed mental or “clean” work
     -Was paid monthly or annually
     -Was steadily growing at the time

                                           Wealthy women from Victorian Age
                                   Working Class

 Conditions were very poor and had little rights
 Huge amount of child labor
 3 reform bills were passed
 -Gradually gave all men over 21 suffrage
 -Children under 9 years of age could not work in                     textile
 -Didn’t curb the growing teenage prostitution

     Working class family on the streets       Working class family
                    Average Wages

 Aristocrats - £30,000
 Middle Class - £300-800
 -Doctors, lawyers, clerks, etc.
 Lower Middle Class - £150-300
 -Journalists, shopkeepers, etc.
 Laborers and Soldiers - £25

                                    Group of laboring children
               The Victorian Age Ends

 In 1861, Queen Victoria’s husband, Prince Albert,
  died. She became grief stricken and refused to
  appear in public.
 On January 22, 1901 Queen Victoria died at age 80
 Queen Victoria’s death marked the end of the
  Victorian Age, and the beginning of the Edwardian

          Victoria on her wedding day   Victoria’s funeral proceeding

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