Ancient Civilizations Tiered Study Guide Honors by 62I0JCj


									                   Ancient Civilizations: Paleolithic to Agricultural Revolution 82
Absolutely necessary to pass with a “C”                 Important to pass with a “C+” or a “B”       Go for the “A”
    Evidence of humans living during the                   At the end of the last ice age, as             What is Domestication?
      Paleolithic Era has been found in both                  glaciers retreated in northern Europe,
      Europe and Asia.                                        animal herds moved north, and hunter-         Where is the Yellow River?
                                                              gatherers followed.
      The Paleolithic Era is characterized by the
       earliest use of stone tools by humans.
      Humans’ main source of food during the                 Nomads: someone who travels around           What is Slash and Burn?
       early Paleolithic Era was from hunting and              instead of settling in one place
       gathering.                                              following the movement of animals            Where is the East African Rift
                                                               they hunted.                                 Valley?
      The first animals to be domesticated by Stone          Pigs and camels were first                   What is Selective breeding?
       Age agricultural societies were goats and               domesticated in the Middle East.
       sheep.                                                  These animals then spread to Africa          What is the Agricultural
                                                               and Asia due to a mass-migration out         Revolution?
      An early problem in agricultural societies was          of the Middle East because the climate
       the spread of diseases from animals to                  dried and made farming and grazing
       humans.                                                 very hard.
      Early farmers used slash and burn                      Agriculture arose in Africa in               What is Metallurgy?
       techniques.                                             Guinea/West Africa, the Nile River
                                                               Valley, and the Ethiopian Highlands.
      Standing armies developed among stronger
       societies because of advances in agriculture.
      The end of the Stone Age (around 10,000-               The Yellow River was considered the          Who are Mary and Louis Leakey?
       12,000 years ago) witnessed the change from             cradle (beginning) of agriculture in
       hunter-gatherer societies to agricultural               China.                                       Who is Donald Johanson?
       societies. One of the societal changes that
       occurred at this time was that people began to         Early humans arrived in Australia            Who is Michael Brunet?
       farm and live in permanent settlements.                 about 40-45,000 years ago; they came
                                                               from what is now Southeast Asia via
      The earliest humans were believed to live in            (over) a land bridge.
       the East African Rift Valley.

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