Directions: Select the best answer and mark your selection on the separate
                           answer sheet provided.

1. Floral Arrangements should be ….

   a.   at least 1 ½ times the height of a tall container
   b.   2 ½ to 3 times the size of the container
   c.   as wide as it is tall
   d.   2 times as tall as the container is wide

2. Identify the flower that is considered a line flower:

   a. Alstromeria        b. Baby’s Breath           c. Carnation       d. Liatris

3. Three or more hues that are next to each other on the color wheel
result in a(n) _____________ color.

   a. Monochromatic                                 b. split-complementary
   c. triadic                                       d. analogous

4. The most suitable pH for flower hydration is (between)…

   a. 1.2 and 3.5                                   b. 3.2 and 4.5
   c. 7.0                                           d. 6.2 and 7.5

5. Select the most suitable accessory for a 4th of July themed picnic:

   a. pumpkin ribbon                                b. baby’s breath
   c. red, white and blue ribbon                    d. red carnation

6. The water conducting tubes in the stem of flowers are the….

   a. Xylem              b. phloem                  c. pith            d. stomata
7. Waterproof tape is used to

   a.   tape the stem of corsages
   b.   tape stems to the sides of the container
   c.   anchor the heads of flowers
   d.    secure floral foam in the container

8. The holiday that centers around the theme of a “bountiful harvest”..

   a. Halloween         b. Thanksgiving            c. Easter         d. Labor day

9. Floral containers should be washed using

   a. a commercial cleaner                         b. windex solution
   c. a hot detergent solution and bleach          d. only clean water

10.Single faced ribbon

   a.   is shiny on both sides
   b.   b. has a shiny side and a dull side
   c.   is dull on both sides
   d.   has a wire edge

11. The designer asked you to choose a filler for her table arrangement.
Which of the following would you select?

   a. Ruscus            b. gladiolus               c. orchid         d. statice

12.The picture below is of a(n)

   a. inverted T arrangement                       b. Hogarth arrangement
   c. Ikebana arrangement                          d. Freestyle arrangement
13. In a blue and white country style kitchen which flowers would be best
   suited for a kitchen arrangement?

   a.   yellow and white calla lilies
   b.   red, white and blue gladiolus
   c.   white daisy mums and yellow cushion mums
   d.   stargazer lilies

14.Susie had to prep stephanotis for a bridal bouquet. The best method for
   wiring this type of flower due to the tube-shape is the

   a. wrap method                                 b. hairpin method
   c. stitch method                               d. straight-wire method

15.For funeral work, double sprays are also called

   a. oval sprays                                 b. triangular sprays
   c. fireside baskets                            d. standing sprays

16.The technique of treating flowers to extend their life is known as

   a. Cleansing               b. conditioning     c. greening         d. arranging

17.As part of your SAE you work at the flower shop after school. Your first
   task was to condition the flowers when they were delivered. Your boss was
   a little upset because you followed instructions (you thought) and left the
   flowers in the warm solution outside the refrigerator for several hours. Your
   boss said the ________ should be stored in the cooler immediately.

   a. Chrysanthemums          b. lilies           c. roses            d. gladiolus

18.For a bud vase that is to be taken to the hospital, a popular foliage is

   a. Leatherleaf                                 b. jade
   c. carnation                                   d. baby’s breathe

19.All the following are mass flowers except

   a. Roses                                       b. stock
   c. daisies                                     d. carnations
20. A cash and carry shop that offers a wide variety of flowers by the bunch or stem
   is called a

   a. Carriage Trade Shop                          b. Specialty Shop
   c. Mass- Market Shop                            d. Stem Shop

21. Your boss said, “Do not allow blooms to get wet.” She was trying to prevent a
    fungal disease that causes brown spots on petals called

   a. Bacterial Leaf Spot                          b. Petal Canker
   c. Botrytis                                     d. Petal Blight

22. The line- mass design that is the present design style used in the United States
    today is a combination of which two styles?

   a. Occidental & Oriental                        b. Flemish & Baroque
   c. Egyptian & Georgian                          d. Romans & Renaissance

23. You are to design a display in the shop using a “Zigzag arrangement”.
This means the display will be arranged

   a. using the repetition of similar items.
   b. by using a triangular arrangement of products with a broad base rising to a
   center peak.
   c. Leading the eye back and forth and up and down the display.
   d. Using a progression from smallest to largest items creating a stair-step

24. To lure customers into the floral shop a rose vase has been priced well below the
    normal price. This pricing method is known as

   a. divisional percentage pricing                b. leader pricing
   c. window display pricing                       d. retail cost plus labor

25. The use of flowers as a temporary addition to a dish garden results in a
    combination called a

   a. pot-et-fleur                                 b. dish garden
   c. jardinière                                   d. European dish garden
                  Floral Design CDE 2009 Answer Key

Floral Design and Management: Unit = U Lesson = L
Book: Floriculture Designing and Merchandising Delmar

  1. A U2 L4
                                         14. B PG 82
  2. D U3 L1
                                         15. D U14 L1
  3. D U2 L3
                                         16. B U4 L3
  4. B U4 L2
                                         17. C U4 L3
  5. C U8 L3
                                         18. A U8 L3&4
  6. A PG 48
                                         19. B U3 L1
  7. D U5 L3
                                         20. D U1 L2
  8. B U12 L4
                                         21. C U4 L1
  9. C U4 L3
                                         22. A U2 L1
  10. B U6 L1
                                         23. C U19 L4
  11. D U3 L2
                                         24. B U19 L2
  12. A U11 L1
                                         25. A PG 324
  13. C U5 L1

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