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					Science Standard Alignment Matrix                                                                                                        DRAFT
                                                      UNIT: Motion, Forces & Energy
                                          AZ State Standards - Strand 2: History & Nature of Science

Concept 1: History of Science as a Human Endeavor                                      Concept 2: Nature of Scientific Knowledge
Identify individual, cultural, and technological contributions to scientific           Understand how science is a process for generating knowledge.
PO 1. Identify how diverse people and/or cultures, past and present, have made         PO 1. Apply the following scientific processes to other problem solving or
       important contributions to scientific innovations (e.g., Watson and Crick               decision making situations:
       [scientists], support Strand 4; Rosalind Franklin [scientist], supports               observing                   predicting
       Strand 4; Charles Darwin [scientist], supports Strand 4; George                       organizing data              inferring
       Washington Carver [scientist, inventor], supports Strand 4; Joseph                        generating hypotheses identifying variables
       Priestley [scientist], supports Strand 5; Sir Frances Bacon [philosopher],            questioning                communicating
       supports Strand 5; Isaac Newton [scientist], supports Strand 5).                      comparing                   measuring
                                                                                             classifying
 PO 2. Evaluate the effects of the following major scientific milestones on society:   PO 2. Describe how scientific knowledge is subject to change as new information
       Mendelian Genetics                                                             and/or technology challenges prevailing theories.
       Newton’s Laws
PO 3. Evaluate the impact of a major scientific development occurring within the       PO 3. Defend the principle that accurate record keeping, openness, and replication
past decade.                                                                           are essential for maintaining an investigator’s credibility with other scientists and
PO 4. Evaluate career opportunities related to life and physical sciences.             PO 4. Explain why scientific claims may be questionable if based on very small
                                                                                       samples of data, biased samples, or samples for which there was no control.

INVESTIGATION                                                   Concept 1:                                                           Concept 2:
                                                 History of Science as a Human Endeavor                                    Nature of Scientific Knowledge
                                     PO 1              PO 2            PO 3         PO 4                         PO 1          PO 2         PO 3       PO 4
1/1 Describing and                                                                                               X
Measuring Motion
1/3 Acceleration                                                                                                 X
2/1 The Nature of Force              X                                                                           X
2/2 Force, Mass, &                   X                                                                           X
2/3 Friction & Gravity                                                                                           X
2/4 Action and Reaction              X                  X                    X                X                  X
5/1 Energy & Power                                                                                               X

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