Ac. Year 2008-2009
                                  IX – XII SECTION
One Mark Questions :
  1. Young’s modules of steel is 19 x 1010 N/m2. Express it in dyne/cm2
  2. Which speed is measured by the speedometer of your scooter ?
  3. Is (u + j) is a unit vector ? why ?
  4. Calculate the mass of a body weighing 100 dyne. Take g= 10ms-2
  5. When an air bubble rises in water what happens to its potential energy?
  6. What physical quantities are expressed by the following
      (i)    Moment of linear momentum (ii) Rate of change of momentum
  7. Can a pendulum vibrates in an artificial satellite . Why?
  8. What is the value of Young’s modulus for a perfectly rigid body.
  9. Why steam burns are more serious than those from boiling water .
  10. Can two isothermal curves intersect each other . Why?

Two Mark Questions :

   1. On driving the scooter for a long time , the air pressure in the tyres
      slightly increases. Why ?
   2. On an average a human heart is found to beat 75 minutes, calculate its
      frequency and period.
   3. The displacement of a particle along a straight line at times t is given
      by              . Find the acceleration of the particles.
   4. A car travelling at 72Kmh-1 takes                  a U-turn in 10s. What is the
      acceleration of the car.
   5. If the velocity head of a stream of water is equal to 10.0cm, find its
      speed of flow.
   6. Explain why the oil rises in the wick of a lamp?
   7. Why cooling is caused by evaporation ?
   8. What will be the time period of second’s pendulum if its length is

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   9. Two satellite A and B go around a planet P in circular orbits having
      radius 4R and R respectively. If the speed of the satellite A is 3V, find
      the speed of satellite B.
   10. The momentum of a body is increased by 50% . What is percentage
       change in K.E.
Three Mark Questions :

   1. Two bodies of unequal masses have same linear momentum . Which
       one has greater K.E?
   2. Prove that second law is the real law of motion ?
   3. A cricket player lowers his hands while catching a ball . Why ?
   4. Establish the relation between linear velocity and angular velocity in a
       uniform circular motion and explain the direction of linear velocity.
   5. Explain the concepts of torque and angular momentum.
   6. The speed of revolution of an artificial satellite revolving very near the earth
       is 8Kms-1. What will be the escape speed for a body on the earth.
   7. Explain surface energy. Establish its relation with surface tension.
   8. How can dirty cloth be easily cleaned using detergent mixed hot water ?
   9. State second law of thermodynamics. What do you meant by internal energy ?
   10. Explain the terms (i) Stress (ii) Strain . State Hook’s law.

Five Mark Questions :

   1. State and prove Bernoull’s theorem
   2. Explain (i) undamped and damped oscillations and (ii) free, forced and
       resonant oscillations.
   3. Explain the terms wavelength, frequency, time period and velocity of wave
       motion. Establish relation between them.
   4. What is meant by beats. Discuss graphical method of formation of beats.
   5. What is projectile? Give its examples. Show that the path of a projectile is a
       parabolic path when projected horizontally from a certain height.
   6. Discuss briefly the banking of roads. Why does a cyclist bend inwards from
       his vertical position while taking a turn.
   7. State and explain work energy theorem.
   8. Discuss elastic collision in one dimension. Obtain expressions for velocities
       of 2 bodies after such a collision.
   9. Prove that centre of a mass of an isolated system moves with uniform
       velocity along a straight line.
   10. Derive equations of motion graphically.

                              Prepared By , Mrs. Bindu Pradeepkumar, IX-XII Girls

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