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Indoor Air Quality Monitor


									Indoor Air Quality Monitor
July 2003                                                                                      North Dakota Department of Health

                               Asbestos History and Regulations
Eye on Events                                                       With the passage of the                               today all states have
                                                               Clean Air Act in 1970, the                                 implemented the asbestos
     IAQ Action and                                            U.S. EPA began to                                          National Emission Standards
    Awareness Month                                            establish rules regarding                                  for Hazardous Air Pollutants
                                                               asbestos uses and handling                                 regulations. The Occupational
     October is Indoor Air                                     procedures.                                                Safety and Health
Quality (IAQ) Action and                                            In 1982 the Asbestos                                  Administration also has
Awareness Month, and                                           School Hazard Abatement                                    regulations to protect workers
now is the time to begin                                       Act was passed, requiring                                  who deal with asbestos.
preparations to participate                                    public and private schools                                      The North Dakota
in this public awareness                                       to identify all friable                                    Department of Health
campaign. IAQ month was                                        asbestos-containing                                        (NDDoH) has requirements
developed by the Healthy                                       materials in their buildings.                              that must be met when
Indoor Air for America’s                                       "Friable" refers to asbestos-                              demolishing or renovating a
Homes Program and has                                          containing material that                                   facility. The term "facility"
been supported in the past                                     hand pressure or                                           generally refers to any
by declarations from the                                       mechanical forces will                                     building other than a
President and North                                            crumble or reduce to                                       residential house or apartment
Dakota’s governor. For                                         powder when dry.                                           building of four or fewer units.
more information, contact                                           The passage of the                                         Before any demolition or
the Healthy Indoor Air for                                     Asbestos Hazard                                            renovation of a facility may
America’s Homes Program                                        Emergency Response Act                                     begin, that facility or the
at 406.994.3451 or visit the                                   (AHERA) in 1986 required                                   affected part of the facility
web page at                                                    all schools to be inspected                                must be inspected for the                                          for all asbestos-containing                                presence of asbestos by a
air/                                                           building materials, not just                               North Dakota-certified
                                                               friable material. AHERA                                    asbestos inspector.
  IAQ Tools for Schools                                        also established training                                       All regulated asbestos-
      Symposium                                                criteria for the asbestos                                  containing material must be
                                                               disciplines still in use                                   removed from a facility before
     The U.S. EPA will host                                    today.                                                     demolition or renovation may
its Fourth Annual Indoor       Asbestos brochure available at       The last major changes                                begin.
Air Quality Tools for          the North Dakota Department of to the Clean Air Act came                                   (Asbestos ... cont. page 2)
Schools National               Health by calling 701.328.5188. in November 1990, and
Symposium October 26-28,
2003, at the Grand Hyatt
Hotel in Washington, D.C.       Inside This Issue ...
For more information or to
register for the symposium,     Eye on Events.....................................................................................................................1
visit                           Asbestos History and Regulations......................................................................................1       Indoor Air Quality Mechanical System Inspections...........................................................2
ymposium.html                   IAQ Colleague....................................................................................................................2
                                Tool Talk: IAQ Equipment Review..................................................................................3
(Asbestos ... from page 1)        North Dakota licensed and          will disturb more than 160
    In addition to removal of     certified contractor may           linear feet or 260 square feet of
                                                                                                           IAQ Colleague
the regulated asbestos-           remove asbestos.                   regulated asbestos-containing
containing material, non-             In addition, a Notification    material.
regulated asbestos-containing     of Demolition and Renovation           For more information,
material also may need to be      form must be submitted to the      contact the NDDoH at
removed, depending on work        NDDoH 10 days prior to any         701.328.5188.
practices and disposal options    facility demolition or any
being considered. Only a          facility renovation project that
                                                                                                         Allen McKay, RS, EHP,
                                                                                                         Lake Region District
Indoor Air Quality Mechanical System Inspections
     The heating, ventilation and air               an HVAC entrainment problem include exhaust              This issue’s IAQ
conditioning (HVAC) unit of a building is a         from nearby vehicles, cigarette smoke from           colleague is Allen
key component of a building’s indoor air            smokers on a break, odors from a nearby              McKay, environmental
quality.                                                                garbage dumpster and             health practitioner at
     Providing adequate                                                 microbial contaminants           Lake Region District
fresh-air ventilation is a                                              from a nearby source of          Health Unit (LRDHU) in
key factor in maintaining                                               standing water.                  Devils Lake, N.D. The
good indoor air quality. An                                                  Another problem to          LRDHU coverage area
adequate supply of fresh air                                            look for is moisture             includes Ramsey,
will dilute the                                                         intrusion into or near the       Benson, Pierce and Eddy
concentration of indoor                                                 HVAC unit or duct work.          counties.
pollutants and increase the                                             The presence of moisture             Allen has worked
availability of oxygen,                                                 makes an environment             with LRDHU since
while an inadequate supply                                              conducive to microbial           1988. His duties include
of fresh air can result in                                              growth. Outbreaks of             inspections of septic
lethargy, headaches,                                                    Legionella have often been       systems, restaurants,
drowsiness, dizziness and                                               linked to contamination of a     pools, private wells,
nausea.                                                                 building’s HVAC unit due         schools, day care centers
     While a properly                                                   to moisture problems.            and retirement homes as
functioning HVAC unit is                                                     Some common                 well as response to
essential to providing good                                             moisture control problems        nuisance complaints.
indoor air quality, a poorly                                            associated with HVAC                 Allen promotes
functioning HVAC unit can                                               units include condensate         radon testing and
create or exacerbate indoor                                             pans that do not adequately      mitigation by presenting
air quality problems in a                                               drain, duct work that is         radio programs, setting
building.                                                               placed in a wet                  up displays at local
     During an indoor air                                               environment, condensation        health fairs and handing
quality inspection, it is                                               that occurs on cold duct         out radon test kits. He
important to examine all                                                work and nearby pipe or          also conducts indoor air
components of a HVAC                                                    roof leaks.                      quality inspections and
unit and nearby for            A disconnected central vacuum                 Another potential           makes recommendations
problems.                      tube creates a dust problem near a
                                                                        HVAC problem can occur           to building owners to
     One common indoor         cold air return in a ceiling plenum.     if the system is not properly    improve indoor air
air quality problem                                 balanced or is not functioning as designed.          quality.
associated with HVAC units can occur when a              Regular inspections and maintenance of a            "Mold has been a
pollutant source is placed near the fresh air       building HVAC unit are essential to preventing       constant problem since
intake for a building’s ventilation system.         and addressing these and other indoor air            the rising of Devils Lake
Fumes or particulate matter from the pollutant quality problems. A professional HVAC                     in 1993," Allen said.
source can be drawn into the HVAC unit, along engineer should be consulted before any                        When he is not
with outside air, and then distributed              modifications are made to the design or              working, Allen enjoys
throughout the building.                            operation of an HVAC system.                         fishing, camping, curling
     Common pollutant sources that may create                                                            and woodworking.
Tool Talk: Indoor Air Quality Equipment Review
    An infrared camera can
detect slight changes in
temperature within a building.
With a black and white camera,
cooler areas show up as black,
while warmer surfaces appear
white. With color imaging,
cooler surfaces appear green,
blue or black, while warmer areas
are red, orange, yellow or white.
    A fascinating fact regarding
infrared cameras is that an image An infrared image taken from the exterior of a house shows the areas of increased heat
of an area shows up the same in a loss especially around the windows and doors.
dark environment as in the light.
This fact does make for some necessary, outside, the areas of heat loss show up
but not too difficult, adjustments by the as warm areas. In a warm climate, the
user.                                     colors would be reversed.
    When used as a part of an IAQ visual      Determining where a building is
inspection, an infrared camera enables an losing heat not only is an energy
inspector to gather information about the conservation concern, but also can
thermal properties of a home. In a cool   pinpoint potential indoor air quality
climate, locations of increased heat loss problems. Areas of heat loss represent
from a building show up as cool areas     areas where there is an increased
from the inside of a building. From the   chance condensation will occur. If
                                             condensation occurs and the affected
                                             area does not dry adequately, the
                                             area will be conducive to microbial An area of moisture damage within a wall
                                             contamination, such as mold growth. shows up cooler than the rest of the
                                                  In addition to finding areas of      wall.
                                             heat loss, infrared cameras can be
                                             used to find areas of moisture damage. flows, ventilation and make-up air within
                                             Wet areas show up as areas of heat          a building is essential in mapping
                                             loss. Past or present moisture in           potential pollutant pathways.
                                             insulation reduces the effectiveness of         The biggest downside to an infrared
                                             the insulation.                             camera is the cost. Cameras that are
                                                  When used in conjunction with a        sensitive enough to detect subtle
 Because the studs in a wall represent       blower door, an infrared camera can         temperature changes cost about $10,000.
 areas that lack insulation they show up in help locate areas of air infiltration into       For more information, contact
 an infrared image as cool spots.            or out of a building. Understanding air NDDoH at 701.328.5188.

 The Indoor Air Quality Monitor is published quarterly
 by the North Dakota Department of Health, Indoor Air Quality Program.

 Dr. Terry Dwelle, State Health Officer                                       North Dakota Department of Health
 Dave Glatt, Chief, Environmental Health Section                              Division of Air Quality
 Terry O’Clair, Director, Division of Air Quality                             1200 Missouri Ave., Box 5520
 Ken Wangler, Manager, Indoor Air Quality Program                             Bismarck, N.D. 58505
 Editor: Jesse Green                                                          701.328.5188

          Questions? Comments? Suggestions? Something to add to the next issue? Call Jesse Green at 701.328.5188

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