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									                                  MASONIC VILLAGE
                                POSITION DESCRIPTION
Position Title:       MVE PRN Pool – LPN
Departmental Title:   Nursing Department
Supervisor’s Title:


       To organize, deliver and direct professional nursing care to residents.


              Is the demonstrated ability to take responsibility and ownership for the outcome of all
              actions, decisions, and problem solving with particular emphasis on customer
              satisfaction, quality, safety, productivity and attendance. Accountability is further
              demonstrated in the safe and prudent use of materials and equipment; meeting or
              exceeding organizational/departmental deadlines; and the identification, analysis, and
              development of multiple solution(s) to problems. Accountability is also demonstrated
              by personal conduct in adherence to the Mission, Values, and Code of Conduct of the
              Masonic Villages.

              Is the demonstrated ability to exchange ideas and information in a timely, concise,
              effective, and interpersonally appropriate manner in both oral and written forms.
              Interpersonal communication includes, but is not limited to facial expressions, gestures,
              body language and tone of voice. Communication is further demonstrated through
              effective listening skills and behaviors; consistent with respectful behavior toward
              others, and recognition of others’ contributions and actions. Effective communication
              includes a variety of styles and situations that produce positive outcomes within the
              organization. Timely communication includes oral and written reports consistent with
              established timeframes. Effective listening is a willingness to listen, process and retain

              Is the demonstrated ability to develop mutually beneficial relationships with both
              internal and external customers. This competency is effectively demonstrated by
              ensuring quality of life, respect for the individual and quality service for all customers in
              a consistent and genuine manner at all times, as stated in the Mission of Love Values. It
              is further demonstrated by the ability to anticipate, respond with creativity and
              enthusiasm, and to meet or exceed our customers’ expectations.


               Is the demonstrated ability to understand the departmental and organizational goals and
               to effectively prioritize and perform work responsibilities in a manner which best
               achieves those goals. The competency is further demonstrated through continuous self-
               improvement and a commitment to change. It is further demonstrated in setting quality,
               daily, short-term, and long-term goals. Commitment to change is demonstrated by
               encouraging staff flexibility, acceptance of program, process, and service changes. Self-
               improvement is seeking educational opportunities, identifying self learning needs,
               sharing learning gained with co-workers, and making an investment of personal time in
               the effort of improving self.

               Is the demonstration of actions and behaviors which contribute to creating an
               environment where all individuals are treated with compassion, equality, fairness, and
               dignity. It is further demonstrated by using appropriate judgment and discretion
               regarding confidentiality with co-workers and customers. Personal control is an element
               of respectful behavior that is demonstrated by maintaining composure, poise, and
               emotions in challenging situations in the company of others.

       F.      ROLE MODEL
               The demonstrated ability to model the Masonic Villages’ mission, values, and ethical
               standards to co-workers. Performs work responsibilities in an effective, timely, and
               efficient manner, and often takes the initiative to do more than is required within
               essential job functions.

       G.      TEAMWORK
               The demonstrated ability to work toward a common goal or shared purpose by
               cooperating, collaborating, and partnering with others. Exhibits respectful and
               partnering behaviors by promoting friendly and positive behaviors to accomplish
               departmental and organizational goals. Acknowledges co-workers’ ideas, assistance,
               opinions, and feedback.

All LPNs:
      A.     NURSING CARE
      Demonstrates the ability to administer professional nursing care to assigned geriatric residents
      according to Masonic Village policies and procedures.

       B.      DEPENDABILITY
               Promptly reports to work on assigned shifts according to posted schedule or special
               requests. Communicates according to policy when an absence/tardiness occurs.

Additional Competencies of Personal Care LPNs:
             Demonstrates knowledge to coordinate and provide nursing care for assigned residents
             in Personal Care, according to Masonic Village policies and procedures.

Additional Competencies of Hospice LPNs:
       A.    NURSING CARE
             Performs patient care responsibilities considering needs specific to the patient’s age,
             diagnosis and cultural beliefs. Performs all aspects of patient care in an environment
             that optimizes patient/caregiver safety and reduces the likelihood of medication/health
             care errors. Demonstrates knowledge of medications and their correct administration
             based on the age of the patient and the patient’s clinical position. Adequately assesses
             pain. Utilizes appropriate pain management techniques. Educates the patient/caregivers
             regarding pain management. Ensures and protects quality of life by good pain
             management and control of symptoms. Responds to the physical, mental, social and
             emotional needs of terminally ill patients and their loved ones. Offers support and
             palliative care.
             Develop an ongoing revision and review of all patient documentation including
             assessments and care plans in accordance with the Medicare Conditions of Participation
             for hospice programs. Prepare for and report during hospice interdisciplinary group
             (IDG) meetings utilizing a care plan driven approach.


       1.     Collects data on residents and accurately documents residents’ condition. Documents
              care provided. Completes assigned paperwork, i.e., wound documentation, recap of
              important orders, MARS, TARS, etc. on each resident on assigned resident care unit.

       2.     Performs clinical testing such as glucometer and pulse oximetry as necessary.
              Administers ordered medications as approved and treatments including monitoring of
              IV fluid. Monitors effectiveness of medications and treatments.

       3.     Directs CNAs and RCAs regarding resident care and notifies families, physicians, and
              departments of residents’ needs.

       4.     Assist with direct resident care including bathing, feeding, making beds, toileting,
              answering call lights and transporting residents to appointments and activities.

       5.     Reports to on-coming shift and receives report from prior shift concerning condition of
              residents and any unusual occurrences. Is accountable for counting narcotics at change
              of shift with another licensed nurse and reporting any discrepancies.

       6.     Assumes responsibility for maintaining current knowledge and skills with respect to
              facility initiative, nursing procedures and technology.

Additional Requirements of Personal Care LPNs:

      1.    Serves as charge nurse for Personal Care residents assuring continuous clinical
            leadership at all times; directs CNAs regarding resident care.

      2.    Collects data on residents and accurately documents residents’ conditions.

      3.    Administers medication and treatments as ordered, monitoring effectiveness
            accordingly; completes assigned MAR/TARs monthly, assuring all required information
            is documented.

      4.    Appropriately notifies nurse manager, families, physicians, and departments of resident
            needs/change in status.

      5.    Assists with direct resident care including bathing, making beds, answering call lights,
            and transporting residents to appointments and activities when needed.

      6.    Reports on-coming shift and receives report from prior shift concerning condition of
            residents and any unusual occurrences. Is accountable for counting narcotics at change
            of shift with another licensed nurse and reporting any discrepancies.

Additional Requirements of Hospice LPNs:

      1.    Maintains a working knowledge of standards of care for hospice programs in order to
            insure compliance for Medicare certification and state licensure of the hospice program.

      2.    Attends and participates in IDG and staff meetings.

      3.    Monitors quality end-of-life care by routinely assessing patients’ needs. Completes
            accurate documentation, and coordinates care with other members of IDG.
            Revises/updates care plans and performs assessments of family/caregiver needs on an
            ongoing basis.

      4.    Adheres to the Masonic Village dress code and wears proper identification while on

      5.    Communicates effectively using a non-aggressive approach. Demonstrates the
            capability for compassion and empathy without becoming intrusive in patient/family

      6.    Continues to report and update patient’s hospice RN Case Manager and/or hospice RN
            Patient Care Coordinator of pertinent changes in patient’s condition.


      1.    Graduation from an accredited school of nursing as a Licensed Practical Nurse or
            Registered Nurse.
     2.      Current LPN or RN licensure by the PA State Board of Nursing.
     3.      CPR certification (prior to or upon employment).


  A. Physical activities of this position include walking, lifting, fingering, talking, standing, pushing,
     pulling, climbing, stooping, kneeling, crawling, reaching, grasping, hearing, repetitive motion.

  B. Medium Work: Exerting up to 50 pounds of force occasionally, and/or up to 20 pounds of force
     frequently, and/or up to 10 pounds of force constantly to move objects.

  C. Visual acuity and requirements of this position require the ability to inspect.

  D. Conditions of this position expose the worker to environmental conditions both inside and
     outside of buildings. The worker is also subject to hazards such as blood-borne pathogens,
     infectious diseases and other environmental hazards.


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