Making AM ask : Animals of the Rainforest by Z7SRL2E7


									                  Making A Mask : Creatures of the Rainforest

          Teacher Name: Mrs. Doucet

          Student Name:   ________________________________________

  CATEGORY           4                      3                     2                      1                      Score
Attractiveness/      The mask shows         The mask shows        The design and         The mask looks
Craftmanship         that the creator       that the creator      construction were      thrown together at
                     took great pride in    took pride in         planned. The item      the last minute. It
                     his/her work. The      his/her work. The     has several flaws      appears that little
                     design and             design and            (unwanted bumps,       design or planning
                     construction look      construction look     drips, marks,          was done.
                     carefully planned.     planned. The item     tears), that detract   Craftmanship is
                     The item is neat       has a few flaws       from the overall       poor.
                     (free of unwanted      (unwanted bumps,      look.
                     bumps, drips,          drips, marks,
                     marks, and tears).     tears), but these
                                            do not detract from
                                            the overall look.
Details              Mask details are all   Most mask details     Most mask details Many mask details
                     easily viewed and      are easily viewed     are easily          are too small or
                     identifiable from      and identifiable      identified when the are not clear.
                     across the             from across the       mask is seen
                     classroom.             classroom.            close-up.

Knowledge            The student can        The student can       The student can        The student does
about the            answer 3               answer 2              answer 1 question      not understand
                     questions correctly    questions correctly   correctly about        how the mask
Animal               about how the          about how the         how the mask           relates to the
                     mask relates to the    mask relates to the   relates to the         animal being
                     animal being           animal being          animal being           studied.
                     studied.               studied.              studied.

Time and Effort Class time was              Class time was        Class time was         Class time was not
                     used wisely. Much      used wisely.          not always used        used wisely and
                     time and effort        Student could         wisely, but student    the student put in
                     went into the          have worked more      did attempt to         no effort to work
                     planning and           collaborating with    work well with         collaborately with
                     design of the          partner.              partner.               partner.
                     mask. It is clear
                     the student worked
                     with a partner on
Working With         Almost always          Usually listens to,   Often listens to,      Rarely listens to,
Others               listens to, shares     shares, with, and     shares with, and       shares with, and
                     with, and supports     supports the          supports the           supports the efforts
                     the efforts of         efforts of others.    efforts of others,     of others. Often is
                     others. Tries to       Does not cause        but sometimes is       not a good team
                     keep people            "waves" in the        not a good team        player.
                     working well           group.                member.

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