Marywood University Office of Information Technology Work Study Procedures Entering the Lab Email the Lab Technician as soon as you enter the lab at workstudymu by Z7SRL2E7


									Marywood University
Office of Information Technology
                                                                      Work Study Procedures

Entering the Lab

Email the Lab Technician as soon as you enter the lab at Please include in the
subject line what lab you are in and the period of time you will be there. If you need to tell me something
else, add the words “open” in the subject line and explain the problem or question in the body of the text.
If a name I would recognize is not apparent in the email address, also include your name in the subject
line. Determine if users need help and provide the information if possible. Otherwise contact the Help
Desk or the Lab Technician.

What to Look For

    1. Check that all equipment is there, turned on and running properly. If a piece of equipment is not
       working properly and doesn’t have a sign on it, email or call the Help Desk
       ( and 6070 is the extension number).
    2. Check to be certain there is sufficient paper in the printer. If the paper supply is running low
       (down to 2 reams), let the lab technician know immediately.
    3. Straighten the lab—remove scrap paper, push chairs in, see that monitors, keyboards, and mice
       are aligned properly.
    4. Clean mice, monitors and keyboards. If cleaning supplies cannot be found, see the lab technician.
    5. Always be vigilant about food and open drinks that are brought into the lab. Signs should be
       posted in the lab indicating these items are not allowed. If you don’t see a sign, see the lab
       technician and he/she will print one for you.

Closing the Lab/Being Asked to Leave

    1. If you are closing the lab, turn off all machines before you leave except for the Go Print station.
    2. If a faculty member comes in with a class while you are scheduled to work who does not want
       anyone but his/her class members to be in the lab, come to the LRC, report to the Director who
       will assign an area to work. Be certain you let the lab technician know of this change. Let he/she
       know, also, if you have to leave for some reason before your shift is over.
Getting Paid

You are responsible for your own time sheet. The form is on-line. Go to the Marywood home page, click
on Faculty, Staff and Administration. Click on Human Resources on the left sidebar. Then select On-line
Forms. Scroll down until you see Work-Study Time Sheet on the lower right side of your screen. Select it
and print the time sheet when completed then turn it in to me. You are paid once a month and your
supervisor will remind you when time sheets are due. If you forget your time sheet, then, unfortunately,
you simply will not be paid for that month.

REMEMBER: As was explained to you during our orientation, if you do not send the e-mail to the
       lab technician when you enter the lab or do not notify him/her that you will not be
       reporting for your scheduled time before that time occurs, it will be an automatic

Print Date 10/02/12
Original Issue Date:
June 16, 2010

Last Updated: June 28, 2010

Print Date 10/02/12

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