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									                                    SEATTLE INSTITUTE CLASSES
                            3925 15th Ave. NE, Seattle, WA · 206-633-2955 · seattlewa@ldsces.org
                                            Summer 2009 Term Class Schedule
                               CLASSES BEGIN THE WEEK OF JUNE 22 or DATE GIVEN
DAY               TIME                NUMBER              COURSE                                    ROOM              TEACHER CREDIT
                   Please put an X in the boxes of the classes you would like to register for
                            and fill out the information on the bottom of this page
Day Classes
□ T/TH      11:00am – NOON            327-1           Pearl of Great Price                                101              Knowles/White   2

Evening Classes
□ Tues     7pm -8:30pm                392R-70         Women in the Scriptures                          103               Bro. Knowles     2
□ Wed      7pm-8:30pm                 235-70          Building Lasting Relationships                    103          Elder & Sis Thornton 2
□ Thurs    7pm-8:30pm                 423-70          Book of Mormon (3 Nephi)                         103              Bro. White        2

                                                      CLASSES AT OTHER LOCATIONS
                                                      Registration takes place in individual classes
DAY            TIME        BEGINS                     COURSE                  LOCATION                           TEACHER             CREDIT
Day Classes:
□T/Th       8:30 – 9:30am       June 23       130-70     “Preach My Gospel            Lake Forest Park Bldg.     Knowles                   2

Evening Classes:
□Tuesday 7-8:30pm          Jun 23     Book of Mormon Part 1       Snohomish Seminary Bldg.                      Bro & Sis Van Leuven       2
□Tuesday 7-8:30pm          Jun 23     Facing the Future w/Modern Prophets Myers Way Bldg.                       Bro & Sis Thornton         2
□Wed      7-8:30pm         Jun 17     Teachings of the Living Prophets     Lynnwood Stake Ctr.                  Bro & Sis Miller           2
□Wed      7-8:30pm         Jun 24     Teachings of the Living Prophets     Marysville Stake Ctr.                 Bro Russell/Bro Flake     2
□Thursday 7-8:30pm         Jun 25     3rd Nephi                           Everett Stake Ctr.                    Bro Russell/Bro Flake      2

        Institute of Religion Registration Form                                                            Summer 2009
        Fill in the following information carefully

        Name (Last)                                           (First)                                       (Middle)
        Birthday                                                        Sex    M           F        Married                 Single

        Phone (        )                                  Address

        City                                          State                                         Zip

        E-Mail Address

        Ward Attending                                                        Stake

        School Attending                                                      Fres        Soph       Jun             Sen       Grad

        First Time Attending Institute         Yes            No              LDS            Yes                No
        Home Address                                                                      Home Phone
        Home Ward                                                                         Home Stake
        Note: A certificate of Graduation is awarded to students who complete 21 credit hours of institute. 6 credits hours must be
        in the Book of Mormon. This is equal to the requirements for students to graduate from a Church School.
        * A Certificate of Advanced Achievement is awarded to students who complete an additional 12 credits beyond graduation.
        * If you would like to know your status relative to these certificates please see Sister Williams.

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