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									               Rota of Services in the 6 Parishes –January 2010
               Badger        Beckbury      Ryton        Kemberton     Stockton      Sutton                     SUTTON MADDOCK GOOD NEWSLETTER
Jan 3rd          9.30am        9.30 am                                 11.00am
                                                                                                  Happy                 SIX PARISHES         New Year
                 Morning      Epiphany                                Communion                            Badger,Beckbury,Kemberton,Ryton,Stockton,SuttonMaddock
                 Service       Carols                                    (KH)
                   (LT)          (KH)                                                             DIARY DATES for JANUARY 2010                                 OUT & ABOUT
                                                                                                  Every Monday to Friday Oasis Christian Shop in Shifnal open 11am - 3.00 pm.
                                             9.30am       11.00am                     11.00am
10th                                       Communion      Morning                    Communion    Every Saturday      Oasis Christian Shop open in Shifnal open 11 am to 1 pm
                                               (KH)       Service                      (CM)                   OASIS Open after Christmas on Tuesday 5 January
                                                            (KH)                                  Tues 5th 10.30am 2 hour Health Walk, outside Beckbury Church
                  9.30am       9.30 am                   11.00am
                                                                                                  Mon 11th 7.30pm Beckbury Badger Ryton WI Beckbury Village Hall
17th            Communion      Morning                  Communion                                 Tues 12th 2.00pm Six Parishes Friendship Club
                   (KH)        Service
                                                           (KH)                                   Fri 16th 7.30pm Abba Night at Beckbury Village Hall
                                                                                                  Tues 19th 10.30am 2 hour Health Walk, outside Beckbury Church
                               9.30am        9.30am                                    11.00am    Thur 27th  2.30pm Norton Over 60’s Club at Norton Village Hall
24th                         Communion       Morning                                   Morning    Sun 24 th
                                                                                                             6.00pm at St. Mary’s Church Shifnal
                                 (KH)        Service                                   Service
                                              (TD)                                       (KH)     Sun 31st 11.00am Plough Sunday at Stockton Church
                                                                                                  Sun 31st    6.00pm Taize Service at St. Andrew’s Shifnal
                              9.30 am                                  11.00am
31st                         Communion                                 PLOUGH
                                (KH)                                   SERVICE                    SPECIAL JANUARY SERVICES
                                                                                                  ***The plough service is at Stockton Church 11am January 31st,
                                                                                                  and all farmers, gardeners and allotment holders are welcome to this
Abbreviations: KH=Revd Keith Hodson; TD=Tina Dalton; CM=Revd Nene Mason; LT=Local Team
                                                                                                  short service of ‘blessing the plough’ which marks the traditional start
                                                                                                  of the countryside year. Refreshments will be served afterwards.
                   FLOWERS FOR THE LORD’S TABLE                                                   ***The Week of Prayer for Christian Unity ends with a united
January 2010                Margaret Lydiate                                                      service at St Mary’s Catholic church Shifnal at 6pm January 24th
                                                                                                  ***St Andrew’s Church Shifnal are holding a Taize style service for
***********************************************************************************************   Candlemas at 6pm January 31st .
    ST. MARYS SUTTON MADDOCK CHURCH LOTTERY                                                       More details are available from the rector.
The two lucky winners of cash prizes in December were:                                                         SIX PARISHES FRIENDSHIP CLUB
1st Prize of £19 – Number 61 and 2nd Prize of £9.00- Number 43                                    Our next meeting is on Tuesday 12th January 2010
The next draw - Sunday 10th January at 12noon at the Church Lych Gates                            An Afternoon of Bingo at Beckbury Village Hall at 2.00pm
Contacts: Angela Chatham 01952 730216 or Chris Walker 01952 730666                                Contact David and Beryl Tooth on 01952-750324.
**Thank you to everyone for contributing in 2009.
                                                                                                  Note: If you have anything to put in the next Newsletter, please let Angela Chatham
                                                                                                  have it in writing by the 14 of this month-Brockton Grange, Shifnal, TF11 9LZ or
                                                                                                  email –                                 Thank you.
                             CONDOLENCES                                                   Operation Christmas Child Shoebox Appeal 2009
Our sympathy is extended to the family and friends of the late Jack
Higginson aged 86 of Madeley whose ashes were interred in Sutton                           Thank you to everyone for donating gifts and money for the benefit of
Maddock churchyard on December 2nd 2009. Jack will be remembered                           the world’s needy children. In November 306 boxes of gifts for
for singing in the choir at St. Mary’s for special occasions, for which we                 children were collected for the shoebox appeal to be given to children
were very grateful.                                                                        in Kyrgyzstan. For the ninth year running, this was another collective
                                                                                           effort from families and friends in the Six Parishes and my work
                               BAPTISMS                                                    colleagues at Telford & Wrekin Council.
Congratulations to Vail Scotia Wood son of Richard and Stacey
baptised at Badger Church on December 6th 2009                                             Once again our boxes were able to go to a warehouse in Telford to
to Rachel Pitt, and to Rachel and Tristan’s son Archie Miles Henry Pitt                    be checked, stored and packed, ready for their long journey. (My
who were both baptised at Beckbury Church on December 13th 2009                            former colleagues at Shropshire County Council were able to pass
Please pray for them that with help and support they may grow in the                       their boxes straight to the Shrewsbury warehouse.) Every box was
knowledge and love of Jesus.                                                               handled with great care by volunteers including several good folk
                                                                                           from our Six Parishes and I am grateful to these people for giving up
                                    ABBA NIGHT                                             their time to help.
on SATURDAY 16TH JANUARY                                7.30pm til Midnight
                                                                                           You may have seen in the local press that the grand total of boxes
at BECKBURY VILLAGE HALL                                                                   given by generous people in the Telford area was an amazing 8200.
An evening of 70's nostalgia with ABBA Tribute Group                                       The boxes not only looked so exciting, but the contents were
ABBA 2 NITE plus DINNER*****DISCO****Bring a bottle (and glasses)
                                                                                           delightful; so much thought and care had clearly gone into choosing
Break out your platforms and 70’s fashions if you wish!
TICKETS £20 incl supper from                                                               and packing very appealing treasures.
JOHN WOOD 01952 750 388 or IOLA BAKER 01952 750 243
PROCEEDS TO BECKBURY CHURCH                                                                Special thanks go to Hilary and the ladies in Norton, Kate Hume and
                                                                                           the people of Kemberton, Angela Chatham and the Saturday morning
                                                                                           workshop group, Martin and Shirley Brookes and the Age Concern
            FLICKS in the STICKS showing of 'Australia'
                                                                                           folk at Stallard Court, Oakengates, Ironbridge Rotary Club and last
on Thursday 21st January   7.30pm     at Beckbury Village Hall Set                         but not least, my husband Alan, my assistant who does so much
in northern Australia before World War II, an English aristocrat who inherits a
sprawling ranch reluctantly pacts with a stock-man in order to protect her new property
                                                                                           behind the scenes to help me.
from a takeover plot. As the pair drive 2,000 head of cattle over unforgiving landscape,
they experience the bombing of Darwin, Australia, by Japanese forces first hand            All being well, I shall be calling on your generosity again for
.Director: Baz Luhrmann             Cast: Nicole Kidman, Hugh Jackman, Brandon             Christmas 2010 so please save your new shoeboxes ready!
Walters, David Gulpilil, Bryan Brown, David Wenham, Essie Davis, Ben
Mendelsohn                        Rated: 12A                     Duration: 165             Shiona Ferriday
mins You are welcome to being a bottle (and glasses) if you wish and, perhaps a            01952 730313
cushion too, as it's a long film.                    Because of its length, we will
start promptly at 7.30, so don't be late.          Tickets £4 adult, £3 child.
Reserve your tickets with David Edwards 01952 750855
…………………………………………………………………………………………………FROM the RECTORY                            Ministry Team;
Dear Friends                                                                     Rector- Six Parishes, The Rev’d Keith Hodson: 01952750774
“The holly and the ivy” - a Christmas carol that was sung at one of our          Email:
                                                                                 Tina Dalton:01952730656, Angela Chatham:01952730216
Christmas services, and which remains a popular choice. We have both             Church wardens :
at the rectory in Beckbury, though the holly has no berries. I planted a         David Nixon       01746783517, Sue Pearce in Badger
little holly tree when I was about 7 years old (my mum tells me) and it is       Iola Baker        01952750243, Barbara Lawton in Beckbury,
                                                                                 Alison Greenwood 01952680163, Lawrence Russell in Kemberton,
now a splendid tree with lots of berries every year. I see it every time I       Barbara Powell    01952750352, Caroline Dady in Ryton,
visit my mother near Coventry ; she is in the same house where my                Tina Dalton       01952730656 in Stockton
parents moved into in1946 ( and many of you will remember the winter of          Allan Chatham 01952730216, Jacky Butlin 01952730500 in Sutton Maddock
                                                                                                         CHURCH NEWS
It is the other half of that Christmas carol pair which annoys me. Ivy           ***Christmas trees Thanks have been sent to Apley Estate for their kind
seems to be growing very well in our hedgerows and up our trees. At              donation of Christmas trees to Stockton and Sutton Maddock churches. Our
one time, I guess, council road men or farm workers cut it back in the           thanks also to all who were involved in decorating the churches for
quiet winter season ; now it creeps up trees and telegraph poles                 Christmas.
unchecked. In open parkland and hedgerows it can choke smaller trees,            ***Choir The carol services at Sutton Maddock and Kemberton enjoyed the
although unlike mistletoe, ivy does not feed off its host tree. And in           new Six Parishes Choir recruited by Bob Hodgins and rehearsed by Rock
                                                                                 Battye. Not only did they sing special carols but also added lovely descant
nature’s eco systems it is valuable to wildlife with its autumn pollen for
                                                                                 harmonies to some of the congregational carols. We hear them next at
butterflies and bees, and its spring berries for birds. Its evergreen cover      Beckbury’s Epiphany Carols service when we celebrate the visit of the three
is good shelter for birds in winter and for nesting in spring. But it is still   kings to the new born King.
not my favourite sight when instead of the winter silhouettes of bare            ***Our thanks to Alison Greenwood for organising the carol service and
trees, they are clothed in green. Some might say that it is simply how           “Bethlehem Bazaar” on December 13th . The “Story at the Stable” was told
nature is : true, but we don’t adopt that principle in our gardens and fields    by Revd Keith Hodson assisted by the children who brought the crib figures
!                                                                                in turn to the stable (made by John Wright). The congregation of over 100
                                                                                 sang a mixture of old and new carols as the story developed. A team of
“The holly and the ivy, when they are both full grown,                           volunteers provided seasonal refreshments and also craft items and cakes
of all the trees that are in the wood the holly bears the crown”    to which     made for sale at the “bazaar”. It was a lovely afternoon and thanks to all
I say ‘Amen’                                                                     who supported and enjoyed it.
                                                                                 ***Churchyard Thanks to the teams of volunteers who continue to keep
                                                                                 the church yards tidy. Would relatives please take Christmas wreathes from
With all good wishes for the New Year         Keith Hodson                       family graves in the church yards by Candlemas
                                                                                 (February 2nd) They look out of place with early spring snowdrops when
PRAYER for the MONTH                                                             Christmas has gone. Thank you for helping us to keep our churchyards as
Lord of all the years, as we look into this New Year ahead,                      tidy as we can.
may your wisdom direct us, your power defend us, and your love enfold            ***Concert Nearly 100 people enjoyed the first concert given by the newly
us                                                                               formed New Horizons Youth Choir in December at Badger Church. George
through Jesus Christ out Lord Amen.                                              Riley, their young musical director, is church organist at Badger and Ryton,
AMEN                                                                             and he put together a lovely programme of music by the choir and solo
                                                                                 performances on flute and piano. We wish the choir well and hope they go
                                                                                 from strength to strength.
                            THANK YOU
to............everyone who gave up some of their precious time in the
run up to Christmas, to help with the Six Parishes Children's
Christingle and Christmas Craft Workshop, held in Norton Village
Hall. The children enjoyed an afternoon of games, crafts and
singing while learning about the Christingles and the real meaning of
Christmas; of Jesus coming into the world as a baby to show us how
we should live.
We finished with an informal Christingle service, by candle light and
the children went home with their Christingle, Christmas cards and
tree decorations to impress their parents! ("We don't need to buy
extra decorations this year." one mum was heard to say!). Well done
everyone, we look forward to seeing you at the next event.
With much appreciation                               The Ministry Team

                             Norton Christmas Fair
The Village Hall Committee would like to say a huge Thank You to all
of the people who very generously gave up their time to decorate the
hall, made donations of prizes and bric-a-brac, sold and bought raffle
tickets and the many people who gave up their Sunday to run stalls
and much more. Also Thank you to all those who came to the Fair
and joined in with all the festive fun.
It was a truly great effort which made the Christmas Fair once again
one of the most memorable and supported events of the year.
So, after the last bunch of mistletoe was sold, the tombola table put
away, the final raffle prize claimed and Father Christmas was flying
off into the distance the Fair had raised well over £1500 which is a
fantastic total!
This money will go towards the up-keep of the hall, covering its
running costs and organising events throughout next year.
               Happy New Year!
                        NORTON OVER 60’S CLUB
on Thursday 14th & 28th January 2010 at 2.30pm,
Norton Village Hall         Contact: Pam 01952730396

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