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					                                  Diversity Team Meeting Minutes
                            Wednesday, August 06, 2008, 10:00am-12:00pm
                                              McK 7121

Present: Cawthorne, Hackman (note taker), Johnson, Love, Sarigol (facilitator), Shimada, Sun
Absent: Becker, Piper, Taavoni, Tchangalova, Wright

    1. Topic: Changes/additions to agenda and selection of Timekeeper/Scribe
        Leader: Sarigol         Time: 5 min
    Agenda was reviewed. Due to low turnout at today’s meeting, Items 6 and 7 were deferred to next
    month’s meeting. Disability Awareness Month was moved to Item 2 due to arrival of our guests. Ken
    agreed to be time keeper for today’s meeting.

    Existing Team members introduced themselves and welcomed three new members to the team:
    Margeaux Johnson (GA, Acquisitions), Ken Shimada (Prange Collection) and Hongyan Sun (ITD)

    2. Topic: Disability Awareness Month, October 2008
       Leader: Sarigol         Time: 45 min
       Guests: Dr. Gay Gullickson and Dan Newsome, President’s Commission on Disability Issues

        Gay and Dan shared some draft posters for this year’s Disability Awareness Month activities and
    Team members gave feedback on design choices. The President’s Commission on Disability Issues
    (PCDI) is once again planning a number of activities, including a speaker on technology innovations
    for disabled veterans, a Provost’s Conversation, a student panel, a session on Hollywood and
    Disability, a dramatic reading, and the PCDI Awards ceremony. They would very much like for the
    Libraries to be involved this year but they are quickly running out of time, as promotional materials
    need to be sent for printing within a week or two.
        Team members brainstormed various ideas for Libraries’ participation in the month’s activities.
    PCDI would prefer not to do something related to the Semester on War; unfortunately a great deal
    of the Libraries’ energy and space will be taken up with Semester on War events and displays, so we
    may have no choice. The Team finally settled on the theme of Veterans with Disabilities (one
    suggested title is “Wounded Warriors: Veterans with Disabilities”) and came up with several possible
        1a. Talk to the organizers of the Semester on War (Jane Williams) and First Year Book (Diane
             Harvey) about using the McKeldin display case for a portion of the month; or
        1b. Find another display case (perhaps in the storage area of McKeldin or Hornbake?) that can
             be set up in the McKeldin lobby or Periodicals Room.
        2. Create a traveling exhibit that can be housed in McKeldin or Nonprint Media and
             transported to various PCDI events. This would take the Libraries’ collections and services
             out to potential new users.
        3. Show films on Dial Access in Nonprint Media, similar to last year’s programming.
        4. Johnnie and Nedelina can present a Brown Bag session on their research re: hidden
             disabilities. This would be primarily for Libraries’ staff, but could be opened up to attendees
             from all across campus.
       Action Items for Disability Awareness Month:

      Tim will send to Johnnie the communications he received from Jane Williams about the
   Semester on War activities.

      Johnnie will contact Jane Williams and Diane Harvey about the possibility of carving out two
   weeks’ use of the McKeldin display case during the month of October. Failing that, she will ask about
   permission to place another exhibit case in the McKeldin lobby for all or part of the month. (Note:
   We may also need to ask Cindy Todd for permission on this one.)

        Linda and Dan will look for a display case that could be borrowed and set up somewhere on the
   first floor of McKeldin for an exhibit. Linda will also contact Rebecca Wilson about portable display
   panels that could be used for a travelling exhibit.

       Linda will put a “place holder” on a Dial Access channel for the month of October.

      Johnnie and Nedelina will pick a date for their Hidden Disabilities Brown Bag, and Linda will help
   them reserve a room if necessary.

       Team members should be willing to brainstorm via email in the coming week; a response is due
   to PCDI (via Dan Newsome) by next Wednesday, August 13.

   3. Topic: Role Rotation Schedule
       Leader: Sarigol        Time: 5 min.
   Linda shared the updated schedule. Looks good. Thanks to Linda for continuing to keep after this
   important task.

   4. Topic: Diversity Brown Bag Guidelines Update
       Leader: Sarigol         Time: 5 min
   Linda shared the updated Brown Bag Guidelines handout, which she created and Nedelina
   formatted beautifully. Looks good. Team will think about opportunities to distribute this handout,
   such as new staff and new graduate assistant orientations.

   5. Topic: Work Plan
        Leader: Hackman         Time: 15 min
   Work Plan was reviewed once again. Tim’s name will be removed and a few other minor changes
   will be made. Johnnie will take over responsibility for updating the Work Plan as necessary. There
   was some discussion of Team roles—Margeaux has some web experience and is willing to help Roz
   maintain the Team’s web site. The Team will need to appoint a new Public Relations Coordinator to
   replace Tim.

       Action Items for Work Plan:

        Tim will update the Work Plan and send the updated document to the Team. He will also post it
to the Diversity Team folder (in the Special Projects folder of M:/), and check with ITD about folder
access for new Team members.
        Roz will add the new members to the Team’s website and make sure they are all on the email
reflector. Tim should be removed from the site and reflector.

       Johnnie will share the updated Work Plan with Phillipa Brown (Human Resources).

        Margeaux will contact ITD about getting access to the GROUPS directory in WebSpinner, so that
she can assist with updating the Team Web page. (Note: You can email the ITD help desk for assistance
with this.)

   6. Topic: Diversity Team meeting opening discussion segment
       Leader: Love          Time: 10 min
   Postponed until September meeting.

   7. Topic: Updates
       Recruitment/volunteer initiative (Sarigol and Team)      OCDA (Love)
       Workplace climate (Love)                                 Hidden Disabilities project (Love)
       Time: 15 min
   Postponed until September meeting.

   8. Topic: Round Robin
      Leader: Sarigol          Time: 10 min

   Johnnie has been teaching a summer course for CLIS entitled “Library Services to the
   Disadvantaged,” in which Margeaux is enrolled. Work is progressing on the Hidden Disabilities
   survey. She encouraged Team members to fill out the survey if they have not done so already.

   Ken is glad to be a member of the Team. Welcome, Ken!

   Tim is resigning from the Team, effective after today’s meeting, due to competing responsibilities of
   the Liaison System Implementation Group and the University Senate. He thanked fellow Team
   members for a productive, educational, and personally rewarding 2 ½ years.

   Margeaux is in her second year as a Graduate Assistant and has been looking for ways to be more
   involved within the libraries. Her supervisor is very supportive of her work with groups, like the
   Diversity Team, outside of her regular job responsibilities. Welcome, Margeaux!

   Bonnie reported that interviews for the Architecture librarian have concluded. She is wrapped up in
   implementation of the new Course Reserves system for her faculty this fall.

   9. Topic: Sept. 3 Agenda (Facilitator: Tchangalova & Notetaker: Becker)
       Leader: Sarigol       Time: 5 min.
   Next Meeting: Wednesday, September 3, 2008, 10:00am-12:00pm, McK 7121
   Facilitator: Nedelina     Note taker: Bonnie
   Agenda Items:
       - Agenda review (Nedelina)
       - Diversity Discussion (Johnnie, Topic: Hidden Disabilities research)
       - Disability Awareness Month planning update (Linda?)
       - Work Plan discussion (Johnnie): review Team work plan to give new members an overview of
   Team’s present and future activities; decide on implementation steps for certain items; discuss
   replacement PR leader
       - Other Updates & Issues:
                Recruitment/volunteer initiative (Linda)
                OCDA and workplace climate (Johnnie)
                Rainbow Terrapin Training (Johnnie)
       - Agenda setting for next meeting

Pending Topics (from 8/6/08 agenda):
        Workplan Goal VII D (meeting Facilitator) Outcome: List offices on Campus that work with
           diversity and decide which Diversity Team member will contact which of those offices
        New Campus Strategic Plan Diversity References (Hackman) Outcome: Share and begin
           thinking about how we can implement these in our Team work

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