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									                                                                                    HB 1065
                       Department of Legislative Services
                               Maryland General Assembly
                                     2000 Session

                                      FISCAL NOTE

 House Bill 1065  (Delegate Marriott, et al.)
 Commerce and Government Matters

    Vehicle Laws - Resident Drivers of Vehicles Registered Out of State - Parking

This bill authorizes a local authority to issue a residential parking permit to a resident who is
a driver of a vehicle not registered in the State if: (1) the vehicle is registered by the owner
of the vehicle in a state in which the resident is employed on a regular basis; (2) the resident
driver regularly commutes to work in the vehicle; and (3) the owner of the vehicle is the
resident’s employer.

                                      Fiscal Summary

State Effect: None.

Local Effect: None. Since it is assumed that the bill will apply in a limited number of cases,
local finances should not be affected.

Small Business Effect: None.


Current Law: A local authority may only issue a residential parking permit if the vehicle is
registered in the State or if the owner of the vehicle has obtained a nonresident permit or a
complementary guest card.
                             Additional Information

Prior Introductions: None.

Cross File: None.

Information Source(s): Maryland Department of Transportation (Motor Vehicle
Administration); Harford, Montgomery, Prince George’s, and Queen Anne’s counties;
Department of Legislative Services

Fiscal Note History:    First Reader - March 5, 2000

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                                                       John Rixey, Coordinating Analyst
                                                       (410) 946-5510
                                                       (301) 970-5510

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