Resume for public speaking by Z7SRL2E7


									                    Mr. Oladipo Oluyemi Famuyiwa
             2141 Industrial Pkwy, Suite 207, Silver Spring, MD 20904
       301-680-3100 Ext. 105, 301-254-3810 Cell,

A Leading Civil Engineer, Builder and Developer, Manager with 25 years of active Real
Estate Development, Sales, Management in all facets of the real estate industry both in
Residential and Commercial Real Estate since graduating from college. Having worked
and schooled in different continents of the world, I am able understand the reason to
succeed in life and the ability to discern complex problems through adequate evaluation,
analysis of project at hand in order to proffer a solution. My educational back ground of
an undergraduate in Civil Engineering and MBA in Real Estate and Finance from
University of Maryland, College Park allows me to look at things from three dimensional

I am currently the Chief Executive Officer of Leeds Realty, Inc., A Real Estate
Brokerage and Development and Management Company; President, Famol Banchares
Ltd., A Residential and Commercial Real Estate Company, a subsidiary of Leeds Realty,
Inc. Real Estate; President, Realleeds Ltd., is a Real Estate Brokerage and Development
and Construction Company with focus on Engineering and Creating Development and
Infrastructures in Africa with New Vision and Direction; Chairman African Business
Roundtable, USA; An organization of Business Owners and Managers of African
Decent based and operating in the United States of America with focus on Promoting
Sound Business and Opportunities among people of African heritage; Board Member
Prudence Magazine, known as “Pulse of Africa,” a magazine that projects and promotes
minority businesses. Educating and linking American businesses with African Businesses
along with in depth promotion of African Values and Cultures; and finally Chairman
and President, With-You Foundation, a Not for profit organization with the sole
objective goal to assist people of African decent to settle down in a new world so as to
achieve their American dreams through counseling, financial assistance, and Job
Opportunities Information for new immigrants into the United States. Former President
of AACHSA, USA, A not-for-profit organization responsible for improving the
education and renewing the existing infrastructures facilities of Comprehensive High
School, Ayetoro, a school founded by Ford Foundation and Harvard University in 1963
with the potential to develop future leaders of Africa.

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